‘Eat sweet and speak sweet’
Turkish proverb

Another PINK for October, and this time it’s candy! When Ilva said she was making Turkish Delight last month, I jumped right in too. Another opportunity to use Indulge – 100 Perfect Desserts by Claire Clark which I reviewed for BloggerAid recently. This would mean 3 down , 97 to go, as I had done an Apple & Black Grape Bande Aux Fruit & a basic chocolate sponge from the book recently. Getting to a 100 desserts, page by page! Claire Clark is counted among one of the world’s best pastry chefs, and has been a celebrated chef at The French Laundry. She has an easy style of writing, & a personal touch which offers a little culinary connection with each recipe. Turkish Delight is part of the Petits Fours section of the book, and at first glance I thought, ‘Cool, will sail right through’. It was another thing that I was eating my words pretty soon. Delightful as this Turkish delicacy might be, it comes with it’s baggage of work. Ilva tried once, not quite right, and then went on to her second try, which she did beautifully. Turkish Delight ((Rahat) Loukoum) or Cyprus Delight (Loukoumi) is a confection made from starch and sugar. It is often flavored with rosewater, mastic or lemon; rosewater gives it a characteristic pale pink color. It has a soft, jelly-like and sometimes sticky consistency, and is often packaged and eaten in small cubes dusted with icing sugar or copra to prevent clinging. Some types contain small nut pieces, usually pistachio, hazelnut or walnuts.
Well I managed something, something tasty, but not exactly how it should have been. Was a little sticky & gooey, and got labelled TD Slugs by none other than my good friend Jamie. Am waiting for her to have a go, but knowing her French expertise, she’ll have perfect ones, so I shall hold my breath! I hope I will get it looking better next time. It tasted very nice,; a tad too sweet for me though.
I used some rose extract to flavour them that Man Friday got for me from his nephew who works in a rose factory. Excellent stuff. It lent a mild flavour to the TD, and I also added some blanched & peeled pistachios and almonds. The Turkish Delight did taste good! By the way, I always thought rose extract was pink in colour? Well, discovered that it’s not!! it’s actually a very light creamish white, almost like whey!Offered candy to the kids when they came home, & both jumped on them. ‘Oooooh they’re like the ones in Narnia’, hollered the son & wolfed down a whole slug, almost choking. Then the daughter descended into the chaos. ‘PRETTY!‘, Madame declared, ‘very pretty!’ I was like ‘bow scrape’. She took one, savoured it, licked her chops, took another. ‘These are good you know. Mmmmmm, very addictive too!’ By piece number 5, I had grabbed the box & done away with it. Too late, I was already peeling sugar high kids off the ceiling by the evening!
from Indulge by Claire Clark
Makes about 40 pieces
450 g/ 1 lb caster sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
145 g/ 5 oz corn starch/cornflour/Maizena
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
2 tsp rose water
To finish:
250 g/ 9 oz icing
50 g/ 1,75 oz corn starch/cornflour/Maizena
– Line a 15 cm/6 in square baking tin with cling film, then oil the film lightly. Make sure the sides of the pan are lined as well as the base.
– Place the caster sugar, lemon juice and 250 ml/9 fl oz water in a large, heavy-based pan. Stir over a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved, the turn up the heat and bring to the boil. Put a sugar thermometer in the pan, reduce the heat and simmer without stirring until the sugar reaches soft-ball stage (118 C/ 245 F). Remove from the heat straight away.
– While the sugar is boiling, combine the corn starch and cream of tartar, then mix to a smooth liquid with 250 ml/9 fl oz water. Place in a heavy-based sauce pan and bring to the boil over a medium heat, whisking continuously (start to heat the corn starch mixture as soon as the sugar has reached the 118 C/ 245 F and is resting; this allows the sugar to sit just long enough to cool but not so long that it gets to thick to pour). Pour the hot sugar syrup into the corn starch mixture and continue to simmer over a low heat for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, stirring frequently to prevent it sticking. It will change to a very light golden colour. As it reaches the last 15 minutes of cooking time, you will need to stir it continuously to prevent it from sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning. (This was the tough part for me to figure out. Should have given it more time)
– Stir the rosewater and add a few drops of red food colouring, if desired. (I added some blanched chopped pistachios & almonds). Pour into the lined tray and spread evenly. Leave to cool in the tin, uncovered, overnight.
– The next day, sift the icing sugar and corn starch for finishing on to a sheet of baking parchment on a tray. Cut the Turkish Delight into cubes and roll them in the mixture on the tray.
Claire’s Notes:
I like to leave my Turkish Delight for a day once it has been coated in the icing sugar, so it firm up on the outside a little. Leave in a cupboard, uncovered, on a tray.
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  1. The Purple Foodie says:

    Lovely Deeba! you surely are on your way to trying all the 100 recipes. You are totally tempting me to buy this book. The Turkish Delight looks so nice and pink!

  2. The Cooking Ninja says:

    ooh…that looks super good. My hub n Little V would definitely dive for it. Can't let little V get a hold of it or else I'm in deep trouble. :) She's hyper as it is without sugar.

  3. girlichef says:

    This is sooooo incredibly awesome!! I never really knew exactly what Turkish Delight was…and the kids and I always meant to figure it out (yup, Narnia fans)! It's so beautiful, can't wait to give it a try myself 😀

  4. Shabs.. says:

    The pics are tempting deeba…as usual…we get turkish delight here in greek food stores….the ones we get here looks more firmer than urs….This is one of my husbands favorites…..He usually likes something that i normally dont like….but i remember eating this one like crazy….They have a halwa kind of texture…

    Well, one quuestion…u seem to be making loads of sweets and desserts and cakes….who eats them all??…

  5. ButterYum says:

    Oh my… this looks wonderful!!!!!!!

  6. I have a friend who ADORES this. You did an awesome job on it. Really.

  7. Helene says:

    This is such a great Turkish Delight you made. Gorgeous.

  8. Chow and Chatter says:

    wow you made turkish delight impressive

  9. Gloria says:

    I love Turkish delight but really yours look amazing Deeba. and really delicious, other nice and lovely recipe!! gloria

  10. Bellini Valli says:

    I will have to try and master this some day myself Deeba. It is one of my favourite confections.

  11. I'm hugely impressed Deeba, I love that you added pistachios, I'm still to make mine – very nervous!

  12. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    I absolutely love that sweet treat! your Turkish delights look very tempting!



  13. Jamie says:

    The more I look at it the more beautiful it becomes, but you have me laughing hysterically that you tattled on me! The color and texture are gorgeous, just perfect and so tempting. Yay for kids loving it and if I had been there I may have just been fighting my way through them towards the box.

    And I may eat my words once I have a go. It doesn't sound easy…

  14. Nicisme says:

    Very delightful looking and quite tempting!

  15. Hilda says:

    They look great and I have to say that this recipe just scares the crap out of me because I can just imagine the way my kitchen might look after a failed attempt. You did beautifully, very funny about peeling the sugar high kids off the ceiling. You're too funny. =)

  16. Gera @ SweetsFoods says:

    More pinkness and sweetness Deeba! Wow rose extract isn’t rosa odd!

    This delight with pistachios is a heavenly snack for all the day :)



  17. Who cares if they didn't turn out perfect, they look awesome, and I like that softened texture look :) They are a really great color!

  18. Heather says:

    Fabulous! Thanks for this recipe and the good advice. I love Turkish Delight but up until now have always bought it; now I can try making it.

  19. Barbara Bakes says:

    Turkish Delight sounds delightful! I never knew what it was before. I showed off your blog to my husband today because it is so beautiful!

  20. They look wonderful. Isn't it wonderful how kids react to sweets.

  21. "Ilva tried once, not quite right" haha what an understate that is, I completely failed and made a disaster! You know I think your TD looks wonderfully inviting, soft and that lovely colour! Next time you will reach absolute perfection I am sure!

  22. bethany (Dirty Kitchen Secrets) says:

    I've never tried making Turkish Delight. These look so lovely. I must try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  23. This looks so luscious and jewel like Deeba, Well done! Have the kids stopped bouncing yet?

  24. nithya at hungrydesi says:

    mmm I remember eating these before but never knew exactly what they were. I'm so impressed!

  25. Hi! Doesn't this look like the Karanchi Halwa that we get here?

  26. Curry Leaf says:

    Lovely and delish.The recipe sounds easier too.No matter how Jamie makes it,your are perfect for me.

  27. Foodeater says:

    So gorgeous! This is one of my favorite sweets and your pictures look so luscious… I must try to make this! Stumbled :)

  28. MeetaK says:

    this is something i really need to make i am sure both my men will love this. what a great treat deeba!

  29. Amanda says:

    Wow that is stunning Deeba! A lot of work, but with real wow factor!

  30. Yum! I've never had this but have always wanted to try it. Look at that gorgeous color!! I'm saving your recipe for later 😉

  31. Natashya KitchenPuppies says:

    They are gorgeous! I love the colour.

  32. Manggy says:

    I've actually forgotten what Turkish Delight tastes like. You did a great job with this one :)

  33. 5 Star Foodie says:

    These Turkish Delights look incredible! I love the pink color!

  34. lauresophie says:

    yummy! Loukoum are just so so good! thank for the recipe!

  35. Vicky says:

    This looks beautiful. I always think of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe when I hear the words Turkish Delight.

  36. Rochelle says:

    I've always wondered how to make Turkish delight! Now I don't have any more reasons to not give it a try 😀

  37. Chery Middle East says:

    Turkish delight looks yummmmmyy!!!!!!!Scrumptious!!!!!!!I love it!

  38. Avelina Wholesale Food. says:

    Truly a lovable Turkish proverb, will definitely try this recipe on my husband. He will speak more sweet, Hope SO.

  39. Deeba, I was googling Turkish Delights and your recipe came up first! Love the recipe..I might try it one of these days! I recently ran out of Turkish Delights I brought back from Istanbul! :) Thank you for the recipe! xo
    Sara´s last blog post ..Sri Lankan Style Masur Dal Flavored with Tamarind- Curry Leaves &amp Coconut MilkMy Profile


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