1. IMCurtain says:

    Lovely post! Dropping by…

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  2. The Cooking Ninja says:

    Dearie, u got the most gorgeous FEETS on earth. :) Those macs are smacking good. I could literally lick them off my screen.

  3. Deborah says:

    Gorgeous Deeba! I knew you could do it and your photos look wonderful! Bet they taste great too!

  4. Hilda says:

    Yeay for feet! So glad to be able to help. And now you know it was your oven you can make some more and eventually supplant the Mac Queen herself! our adorable Jamie. xo.

  5. lisaiscooking says:

    Congratulations! They're beauties! I hope to find some feet of my own some one of these days.

  6. Happy cook says:

    I love the way you described the lessons in Lebovit's class that really made my imagination in a classroom.
    I can understand the disapointment when it fails, i went with them myself.
    Still we had lots of fun didn't we.
    Love that there is only 3 tbsp of butter in your filling.
    Looks beautiful and yumm.
    And you indeed have FEET…..
    Now tonight you can sleep without dreaming aobut Mac.

  7. pistachio buttercream? can I lick that bowl?

  8. Barbara Bakes says:

    I've had so much fun with this mac adventure! Thanks for including me! Once again your post is spectacular!

  9. Bellini Valli says:

    …and you have gorgeous feet too Deeba:D

  10. Snooky doodle says:

    wow really nice macarons. I ve tried making these 2 times and failed miserably. I ll try again though. you gave me courage :)

  11. Yaayyy for Deeba's macarons with FEETS! They're so cute. Nice and shiny and frilly and I bet they taste exquisite too!

  12. Fuji Mama says:

    I LOVE THIS POST! You are an inspiration! I'm so glad that I joined the mac train! Now if I can actually reach my "destination" I'll be even happier! I wouldn't want to shame The Mac Sisterhood with no feet Chez Fuji!

  13. thecookieshopinenglish says:

    They are beautiful, those little feeted bastards! I'm LOL with your post – after following all your mac quest, it's good to know it had a happy ending! Almost a soap opera. Better: a MAC-OPERA!

  14. Gloria says:

    These look fantastic Deeba, absolutely fantastic and the pictures awesome!! xoxoxo gloria

  15. Rosa's Yummy Yums says:

    Wow, they are so pretty! I love the flavors you chose and that beautiful color contrast!



  16. Elenka says:

    What an unusual color for the filling. Very enticing.

  17. Donna-FFW says:

    They look so lovely and pistachio buttercream.. oh my.

  18. Gera @ SweetsFoods says:

    Stunning Deeba! A pure twitter sweetness :) with wonderful contrast of colors!!



  19. Aparna says:

    See, like we all predicted you got those darned "feets"! Of course, hats off to your persistence. It's fun re-living the challenge through your post!
    They look beautiful, Deeba. Unusual colour combo of chocolate and green.
    Game for the next one? 😉

  20. Julie @ Willow Bird Baking says:

    Congrats, Deeba! They're just lovely! I'm SO a wannabe mac baker — been reading about them for months but haven't gotten up the nerve to try yet!!

  21. Ur pics r wonderful.I like it.

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  22. Rachel says:

    That is some guts to try after the many failed attempts..Good job Deeba!

  23. Divya Kudua says:

    "You got feet"..YAY..I am so happy for you Deeba.I was surprised that master bakers like you,Aparna and Meeta were so getting tensed about making Macs:).Even if it was the easiest recipe on earth,if that made you tensed,I wouldn't attempt that..EVER.No way we lesser mortals could get it right;).

    Love love your feet:)

  24. Peabody says:

    Mmm, pistachio buttercream.

  25. I know you had a rough time with these, but oh my GAH! They look incredible. Chocolate and pistachio buttercream…I love them!!

  26. Jamie says:

    I'm doing the Happy Mac Feet Dance for you, my love. Just a little patience is all it took (okay, so you lost your patience at about the fifth round, but who's looking?) and a lot of perseverance and you finally did it! This Mac Queen happily and proudly taps you on the shoulder once, twice, three times with her cooking whisk and dubs you Deeba, Knight of the Round and Ruffled Mac Table. And I couldn't have – or wouldn't have – done this without you. Next on my list? Chocolate Macs and Pistachio Buttercream. Dear Deeba, you have Twitter all-atwitter: your macs are beautiful!

  27. sillie says:

    oh wauw and what a loverly looking things you have made this time, dont know if i can get al the ingredients down here, but i will try to make them as well!!
    My compliments for your beatifull creations!!!
    greetings syllie

  28. The Purple Foodie says:

    YAY YAY you finally have feet! 😀 I'm so happy you were so persistent! The macs look so good!

  29. Your macaroons and your pictures are wanderful. You're a great baker!
    A kiss from Spain.

  30. "Hooray, let's hear it for feet!" – I'm sure that's a song from somewhere, and if I ever meet you face to face Deeba, I'll sing it to you :). Well done and I'm impressed by your tenacity.

  31. pigpigscorner says:

    oh yay you made it! Nice colour too! I should really try to make macarons again.

  32. Julia @ Mélanger says:

    CONTRATULATIONS!!! Deeba, what perfect little macarons you have. Well done!! I have seen a few posts now from your Twitter chats and adventures. I would have loved to see all the back and forth – and participate myself. Fun! I am so obsessed with the macaron, too. That first successful batch is one of the best feelings in the world, isn't it?

  33. Maria says:

    Glad you found the feet! They are perfect!

  34. Helene says:

    I was always jealous of Helen's macarons but now I'm jealous at yours also. They are BEAUTIFUL. I'm doing the happy dance for you. I've never attempted to make them. Never crossed my mind. Congratulations I'm so happy for you :)

  35. Parita says:

    Congratulations Deeba! Love the way you have written this inspirational! Macarons have come out beautiful, lovely combination of colors and flavors them!!
    I so would love to join your group..may i?

  36. Kamran Siddiqi says:

    Oh, Macarons how much I love you dear Macarons! I love making Macarons. Maybe I should bake some and put a post up on my blog….

    Chocolate and Pistachio are my fav. combos. So I will have to try this recipe out.

  37. Megan Gordon says:

    Beautiful photos, Deeba! This one was a challenge, eh? They turned out beautifully though–thanks for including me (I'm writing up my post now).

  38. I am loving this fantastic pittar patter of the Macarons around the blog!! Thanks for bringing this over, for us to feast our eyes.

    your look so cute, love the pistachios..Deeba even your failed ones could have been my success.. but i am not even there yet:-).. only if i got a bite of one of these wonders.

  39. MeetaK says:

    can't believe i am late here! sorry! but yahhh! this post is going down in our mac history for sure. glad we all were able to help you on this. they look amazing!

  40. Jarmaine | Brochure Printing says:

    Congratulations!!! It's the sweet smell of macaron success! What an accomplishment, I'm sure it's made even better since you've failed beforehand. And how! Those macarons look absolutely scrumptious! Looks like you've been making them for years :)

  41. Nicisme says:

    Yay for tootsies, especially chocolate ones!

  42. lauresophie says:

    Gorgeous feet! I went exactly through the same problems….:where the feet is?!! Now I am just addicted to this elegant biscuit! Nice work

  43. morgana says:

    Perfect feet!!! congratulations, macarons are so… Difficult is not enough. Magic? Well, I don't know, but they are not easy, that's true.

    Cheers from Spain.

  44. tried to make these yday ..failed miserably…how did u make the almond meal..we dont get any here…should i blanch the almonds first before i powder them?PLEASE HELP!!

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