“You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.”
Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Still on a dessert spree. Looks like main course has deserted my blog. Some more strawberries mean some more sweet somethings. We had quiche for lunch & chicken pie, as a result of which I’ve had just about enough of eggs, & was looking for anything eggless to make, & with strawberries. Electricity has been disappearing every alternate hour at will, so an important criteria was something not baked. A few days ago a local blogger Nachiketa called me to check about the chocolate yogurt cake. She’s a chirpy young thing, full of beans & has the ‘get up & go’ to bake after she comes back from work late every evening. She’s forever baking cakes from here & there, & has infectious levels of excitement. It isn’t rare to get a call from her at 9 pm asking what to substitute for what … she’s just about to begin baking, whereas we’ve done dinner + dessert, & the kids are being packed off to bed!) LOL!! She mentioned she made some yummy cheesecake a while ago, & was good enough to mail me the recipe the same night. What I made is inspired from her recipe, & a bit from The Le Cordon Bleu’s The Cook’s Bible, which also has a similar cheesecake. I’m glad to have Nachiketa on hand because local experience is invaluable in India. We get hardly anything that is standard here, & are forever improvising…often fun , but can be quite disastrous at times!STRAWBERRY REFRIGERATOR CHEESECAKE
As adapted from Nachiketa’s recipe
Biscuit base
200gms Marie biscuits (1 packet); or digestives
2 tsps granular sugar
50 gms melted butter
400ms Curd Cheese (approx) – from 1kg of yogurt hung for 24 hours
250ml Cream (25% fat)
4-5 tbsps Castor sugar (to taste)
2 tbsp Gelatin
200gms Strawberries (reserve a couple for topping if you like)
1 tsp Strawberry essence – ( optional)
For biscuit base
  • Run the granulated sugar & biscuits in the processor till fine crumbs for; or put into a thick bag & crush with a rolling pin.
  • Mix in melted butter, & press this mixture into the base of a spring form 8″ baking tin. Chill for 30 minutes.


  • Sprinkle the gelatin on approx 1/4 cup of water, & then leave the bowl to stand in another bowl of hot water till the gelatin melts, & become a clear liquid. (about 10 minutes).
  • Run the curd cheese, hulled strawberries, sugar & essence in the processor till smooth. (You can chop a few strawberries & add them in the end if you like having pieces of fruit in your cheesecake.)
  • Add the clear gelatin & process for a few seconds until mixed uniformly.
  • Whip the cream to soft peaks & fold into the above. Taste & adjust sugar if required.
  • Take biscuit case out of fridge, & pour the filling in. Leave to set in the fridge for at least 1-2 hours, maybe more in the summer.
  • I would have liked to make a mirror topping, but ran out of strawberries. Can’t wait for summer to be here to make a mango version of this yummy no-bake cheesecake.

Something coincided with my no bake cheesecake. Have held a DIY table-top lighting project on my bursting folder of things to do, for ages. Actually in Sep ’08, when the merry bandits @ Jugalbandi posted this DIY post for table-top lighting, I bookmarked it for DH to make. But flights & fog have kept him far too busy for my never ending requests. The other day I thought I would pass it on to my Dad to make because he was feeling bored. The cricket matches were yet to begin, & he was getting impatient to do something. He loves carpentry & working with electricity, & is a through & through DIY man. Working on the project made him a happy man indeed, & the pictures taken, even happier. And yes, I did share the cheesecake with him! The pictures aren’t the best result yet, as I used 60W bulbs instead of 100W ones…

…but since this is my first click on something out & out inspirational from Jugalbandi, & has curd cheese within, it is my entry for this CLICK: February 2009. (Cheese/Tofu). Just a happy coincidence that it has ‘cheese’, as well as many bloggy DIY sentiments attached to it. Thank you Jai & Bee!This would make a nice, quick no-bake dessert for Valentines Day… maybe you can try it!

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  • Rosie
    8 years ago

    Oh Deeba this is one very divine cheesecake and so fitting for Valentine’s Day. I love the colour so pretty and the photos are beautiful.

    Rosie x

  • Elra
    8 years ago

    Seems like we both in the mood of strawberry dessert! My son really like cheese cake, and I am sure he’ll like yours too. Eggless=guiltless, I like that!

  • Asha
    8 years ago

    Looks perfect and easy too! V day came early there! :))

  • Komal-Nishka
    8 years ago

    Deeba, looks really nice and the pictures just yummmy perfect.. 🙂

    I do have an easier eggless no bake cheesecake recipe that tastes brilliant and needs just 5 minutes..

    Will try writing about it shortly and you must try.. 🙂

  • Helene
    8 years ago

    Yummy! It’s so nice that you take the time to take all of these great pictures.

  • Gera @ SweetsFoods
    8 years ago

    Deeba, what a lavish strawberry dessert specially so important eggless..the colors are gorgeous!! You’ve a magical touch for the cuisine and the photos are glorious 🙂

    All the best!

  • Gloria
    8 years ago

    WOW Deeba!!!! look absolutely wonderful and nice I love the strawberries colour and I love cheesecake!!!!Lovely!!!! (Love your poictures I always tell you)LOL Gloria

  • Maria
    8 years ago

    Lovely recipe! It looks like the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert.

  • Elenka
    8 years ago

    What a gorgeous color pink. I’ll try this for Valentine’s day !

  • Laurie
    8 years ago

    This looks so light and luscious! All your dishes and recipes are always perfect.. but I think I can enjoy just the sweets for awhile too!

  • The Blonde Duck
    8 years ago

    I totally agree with the quote at the top! And this looks perfect for V-day!

  • Manggy
    8 years ago

    Are you kidding me? The pics are fab. The cheesecake looks glorious (though I dunno how the no-electricity situation would help its being chilled, lol). Great job!

  • Maria Jose
    8 years ago

    Ummm esta tarta tiene que estar muy muy buena, la copio porque pienso hacerla…y las fotos son preciosas

  • Aparna
    8 years ago

    Beautiful cheesecake. I am also on a strawberry roll! Still have a whole lot in the fridge. Thoug we don’t have the poewrcuts.:)
    I also make cheesecake somewhat this way, but without the gelatin.

  • noble pig
    8 years ago

    Oh how you tempt me with this..there is something about pink dessert that trancends me. It’s beautiful Deeba.

  • Maris
    8 years ago

    Sounds very refreshing…and makes me wish it were strawberry season!

  • Sara
    8 years ago

    This is so pretty, love the bright pink color!

  • lisa (dandysugar)
    8 years ago

    This is so lovely Deeba! The color and texture are so enticing and yummy. I love the fact that it’s eggless too. A perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

  • Vera
    8 years ago

    Gorgeous cake, perfect for any occasion!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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  • Purnima
    8 years ago

    Deeba, when our good old hung yoghurt gives such lovely end result.. I feel elated as the cheese we get here is mostly salted ones..the German cream cheese is high priced 🙁 Thanks to you n Nachiketa..this cake looks yum and u hv done it sooooo beautifully not a bubble on it..smooth surface, neatly cut, just perfect piece!! Wow..with DIY or without, ur pics r gorgeous n drool-extractors! Loved it a lot!

  • Kitchen Flavours
    8 years ago

    Wow awesome color and no bake makes me set…. Love to try this soon dear.

  • Navita
    8 years ago

    U must be picking at ur dinner Deeba…(u always say u dislike eggs)…lol…

    love the pink hue…almost like the cake is blushing! 🙂

  • Mary
    8 years ago

    This is why i love to come visit you , i find really delicious desserts…and hints for what i want to make for my birfhday , thanks. Cheers!

  • Bellini Valli
    8 years ago

    Roll on summer Deeba. I love the violas and other reminders of Spring…and summer:D

  • Indiasmash
    8 years ago


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  • Happy cook
    8 years ago

    I love this cake, it is one of my favourite from the bakers, never made them home.
    These ones look so yummy delicious.

  • Laila
    8 years ago

    Looks really delicious … Laila ..

  • Darius T. Williams
    8 years ago

    Now really – there’s NO WAY you can go wrong with this – really, no way at all – looks amazing.

  • bindiya
    8 years ago

    AWESOME PICS!Looks simply out of the world, waiting for an entry for my event toooo….:)do participate….

  • Núria
    8 years ago

    Deeba, I would never ever get tired to watch your beautiful pictures!!! How on earth could you choose just one for Click? How many “hours” took you to decide which one was better?

    I don’t like cheese… but this cake is just precious 😀

  • Ben
    8 years ago

    No eggs and no baking? My friend your blog is taking a whole new direction. I hope you don’t forget about the power of baking soda 😀

  • Dragon
    8 years ago

    Again you, tease me with these lovely strawberries. 🙂 Did you save me a slice of this lovely cake?

    8 years ago

    looks delish .. I wish my hubby made these for me on valentine’s day

  • Hanaâ
    8 years ago

    Great pictures, Deeba. Very inviting.
    The no-bake cheesecake concept is very European. What I like most about them is the light texture (not calories :o)). When I made something similar I used a sponge cake instead of a crust. But if you want to keep it eggless, the crust is definitely a good idea.

    Take care,

  • KathyB.
    8 years ago

    Oh my goodness ! I am making this! After seeing your name in Noble Pig’s comments for quite some time now, and seeing we very often read her at the same time, I decided ( FINALLY ! ) to check out your blog. I am not a foodie but my Hubby is and I don’t think I’ll show him your blog… because then he will never get off the computer unless he is in the kitchen whipping up some of your recipes….hey…maybe I WILL make sure he reads your blog!

  • Cynthia
    8 years ago

    It is too early in the morning for me to be tortured this way.

  • Nicisme
    8 years ago

    Gorgeous colour! That last photo for click is beautiful!

  • n33ma
    8 years ago

    Deeba you have amazing talent -baking photography and writing.

  • Bunny
    8 years ago

    Deeba this is beautiful!! Seriously outstanding!!

  • Gigi
    8 years ago

    I can’t wait for strawberries to come into season here! This will definitely be bookmarked for hot summer days ahead!

    PS do you think I could substitute cream cheese or cottage cheese for the curd?

  • Arfi Binsted
    8 years ago

    At the time we’ve finished our strawberries, you come up with a fresh bunch hehehe… this looks lovely, Deeba.

  • How To Eat A Cupcake
    8 years ago


  • Irene
    8 years ago

    Wow, this looks absolutely delicious, and no bake – awesome! Especially for summer in LA when you have to be crazy to turn on your oven. 🙂 Thank you!

  • Amanda
    8 years ago

    Wow this looks divine and your photos are stunning!!

  • Val
    8 years ago

    WOW that looks good! How did you know I was looking for something light & a little healthier than a standard cheesecake? Can't wait to try this & anxious to see your mango version.

    Your recipes & photographs are terrific. Thank you for sharing them with us. ;o}

  • Kevin
    8 years ago

    That cheesecake look so good!

  • chuck
    8 years ago

    Pass me a plate please. Cheesecake is a weakness of mine. The strawberries add a beautiful color. Yummy!

  • Raaga
    8 years ago

    I bought another box of strawberries last evening… so this is perfect 🙂

  • pigpigscorner
    8 years ago

    A perfect valentine’s day dessert! Looks really delicious!

  • diva
    8 years ago

    awww this is so pretty and i bet it tastes wonderful as well. the plating is just lovely. i’m thinking of getting a creme lipgloss in just that shade! 🙂 x

  • workhard
    8 years ago

    The pictures are so good, i can almost smell it….
    if i were to make that on valentines day, i would have to have it all by myself, not a bad idea 🙂

    Work from home

  • binod
    8 years ago

    look for dessert recipes you can make in slow cookers. There are lots of them.
    Work From Home

  • Vibha
    7 years ago

    Thats a lovely cake recipe. just wanted to know if i can avoid using gelatin and substitute with something else?? kindly let me know .

    Thanks ,

  • Vandana
    7 years ago

    That indeed looks yummy. Aparna, you mentioned that you make this cake without the Gelatin. Cn you put some light on this. how you exactly make this cheesecake without the Gelatin? Does it stand firm?

  • Nachiketa
    7 years ago

    The pictures make it look like the most divine this on earth…..

    Here's the orange and strawberry I did… 'Cheesecake ~ God's Way of Blessing Us'

    The Variable – Nachiketa

  • Sylvia
    7 years ago

    These cheesecake looks amazing. So easy, too! We have a new year's party tonight and I'm definitely going to make it! YUM!

  • faithy, the baker
    7 years ago

    wow! looks so good! i love the strawberries and i love pink! 🙂

  • Wicked Sunny
    6 years ago


    Love your recipe except the gelatin part.

    I am barred from eating both gelatin and eggs, so exactly what should I use instead as a substitute?


  • 5 years ago

    Love your blog! Came across it on foodbuzz & am a new follower!
    – Jessica @

  • Rithika
    5 years ago

    Loved your recipe ! I had made a strawberry cheesecake a few years back which came out really well. It was simple and it had smashed paneer in it additional to the above ingredients in your recipe. I lost the recipe and I am happy that I found yours !
    Im going to try today! Excited ! Drool !

  • Janani
    4 years ago

    Hi, just wanted to know if the gelatin would set if we use fresh strawberries….. do we need to stew them?

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