“Don’t let love interfere with your appetite. It never does with mine.”
Anthony Trollope
Time to experiment again. The boy comes home from school every afternoon & asks me what I did the ‘whole‘ day. He wants a blow-by-blow account…& keeps saying “And Mama, and what else, and…and”, a pregnant pause between each question, in the vain hope that I’ll say I made dessert. Today he was thrilled because I eventually said, “and laundry, & working on the PC….”& finally said … “and I made some dessert.” There was a thunderbolt…a lightning of a smile! How can I break his heart so often? I often do because he has a sweet tooth, & I’m a pretty tough mother (read witch-like!)! Here is some love for him, which all of us LOVED!! Was fun making it too because I was very impatient to see if I got the layers, & if it set in a mousse…yippee, I did get visible layers, & yippee, it set after all!!
It’s just these darned strawberries. Passionate, red, delicious creatures. Absolutely irresistible. Even though I try & walk away from the shelves, they call me back gently. I bought some more today…Strawberries are popping out of every nook & cranny in the market these days…ripe, red & beautiful. They’re only going to last a short while as the days are becoming unseasonably hot, highs of 28C, & with very few refrigerated shops, they are FRAGILE! Corner shops, local vendors, supermarkets, they’re all brimming with these luscious strawberries.
I keep seeing these beautiful individually plated desserts that people make, & have been collecting condensed milk tins for a while. We don’t get any specialised baking tins etc in India, & they are pretty steep when we go overseas. Besides, there is always so much more to buy. These tins are nice & handy, & I finally have a collection of 8 tins, tops & bottoms cut off neatly with a can opener. I even use a ring to make a ring cake by placing it in the centre of a Springform cake tin, to make a ring mould.

My recipe
Biscuit base
100gms digestive biscuits; ground
4 tbsp melted butter

  • Mix the crumbs in with the melted butter to form the crumb mixture for the base.

Strawberry Mousse
200gms Curd Cheese (made by hanging yogurt for 24 hours)
200gms Cream
2tbsps gelatin
200gms Strawberries; pureed
4-5 tbsps powdered sugar Method:

  • Line the mousse tins with baking parchment.
  • Sprinkle the gelatin over 1/4 cup water, & leave in a bowl of hot water until it becomes a clear liquid.
  • Blend the curd cheese, strawberries & powdered sugar together until smooth. Add the clear gelatin & whisk again till well blended.
  • This makes the dark strawberry mousse. Once you use a portion of this in the first mousse layer, add the whipped cream to the rest to make the light strawberry layer.

Chocolate Mousse
200gms dark chocolate
100ml Cream
1 tsp gelatin

  • Sprinkle gelatin powder over 2 tbsps of cold water, & leave over a bowl of hot water until clear.
  • Put the dark chocolate & cream in a pan over low heat till melted, cool & stir in the clear gelatin. Mix gently but uniformly.


Line the tins with baking parchment on the inside. Line a tray with foil, & place the tins upright on them.

  • Put 1 – 1 1/2 tbsp of biscuit mixture into each tin, & press down firmly with the end of a narrow glass to make a base.
  • Top with a about 1-2 tbsps of the dark strawberry mousse (sans cream) into each. Now mix the cream into the mousse & divide equally among the tins.
  • If you don’t have metal moulds or rings, you can always set them in glasses.
  • Divide the chocolate mousse between the tins, topping the light strawberry mousse. Leave to set for 4-5 hours, or better overnight.
  • Gently dislodge from tins before serving. Garnish with fresh strawberries & chocolate flakes etc.
  • Have a LOVEly day today…

    Quaintly enough, the 13th of Feb also marks the day the hub & me met 19 years ago….

    This recipe is being sent to Original Recipes @ Culinarty for Lore’s ongoing event.

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    1. Snooky doodle says:

      These mousse cakes look so nice and creamy :) and chocolate and strawberries are so decadent. Nice dessert for Valentine’s day .

    2. Poornima Nair says:

      That looks divine Deeba…Beautiful pictures as usual…Im drooling:)…

    3. noble pig says:

      Of course he wants to know what you did all day I would too and wondering if dessert is lurking somewhere.

      These are just beautiful! Wow!

    4. Barbara Bakes says:

      What a spectacular looking dessert! I want to come home to it too!

    5. Gloria Chadwick says:

      Deeba, your food is beautiful and delicious, as always! I love reading your posts. Happy Meeting Day Anniversary to you and hub. :)
      There’s an award for you on my blog. Hugs.

    6. A_and_N says:

      19 years! Wow :)

      And why does your son ask for dessert? Don’t you bake some everday πŸ˜‰

    7. Wow, these are so gorgeous! I love all the layers.

    8. Yasmeen says:

      I’m all for strawberries this season,the mousse looks so decadent,neatly layered flavors.
      Please trail back to my blog for a Token of gratitude

    9. these look divine. i can imagine how long it must have taken you to do all of this.. amazing!

    10. Wow, these are looking just superb Deeba!! What a nice idea to use the tins for the mousse. I came to check ur orange chocolate gateau to make it, but got stuck looking at all these goodies here :). Have a great weekend ..

    11. Manggy says:

      Did he ever have any doubt?! πŸ˜› Beautiful layering Deeba! I love everything about it!

    12. wowo this i love very much , i might just copy this !

    13. Clever using the condensed milk tins!
      Very pretty dessert, delicious too! Love the verrine version a lot too!

    14. Natalie... says:

      Wow is all I can say!! These look so delicious!! No wonder your son loves dessert with stuff like thsi!

    15. i love mousse!! it’s so cute and romantic – always. Deeba, you did it again. you created a sexy dessert, and the cuteness of that pink is so dazzling i’m actually dying right here……xx

    16. natalie says:

      oh yum! that looks amazing!

    17. Netts Nook says:

      Wow they look great I can’t wait to try. Thanks

    18. Maria says:

      What a stunning dessert!! Happy V-day to you!

    19. Elenka says:

      That is the most beautiful dessert I have ever seen !! I don’t know if I have the energy to make it! I need to translate it first. I don’t have a clue what digestive biscuits are, and I have to transcribe the measurement to U.S. Someday, I’d like to try, though.
      Looks delicious!

    20. Happy cook says:

      If yougive me this i will also have a lightning of a smile.
      Looks so yumm yumm delicious.

    21. chuck says:

      Wow, how much fun is this dessert! It looks amazing and beautiful. Yummy!

    22. Your desserts are amazing Deeba and so beautifully presented.

    23. Anonymous says:

      I just got off the Hindustan Times reading the archives wondering what all the fuss was about pink chaddis, pink sarees and what not… depressing that was. But its certainly uplifting to come here and see a beautiful pink dessert! I am into strawberries too, made a strawberry crisp today for dessert. Yummo! will surely try this, have a load of berries to finish because they spoil. Thks Angela

    24. vegeyum says:

      Beautiful! Happy V Day to you and all of your readers.

    25. Ruth E says:

      I’m so impressed! These look awesome!

    26. Helene says:

      Stunning! I sent you an email, waiting to hear from you.

      Happy Valentine Day!

    27. You’re not only creative when it comes to concocting a recipe but also in finding ways to substitute for baking tools: BRAVO!
      The cakes looks wonderfully creamy and inviting, perfect for your anniversary :). Thanks for sharing them with Original Recipes!

    28. Bellini Valli says:

      These are absolutely beautiful Deeba for any occasion. I can’t wait for strawberries to grace our stores…California strawberries willbe coming soon, although we do get strawberries all year round but not juicy, flavourful ones.

    29. Ooh… you’re doing mousse as well, very pretty with all the colours :)

    30. what a beautiful array of colors and distinct tastes! I really like the mousse idea! Hope you had a great v-day!

    31. Akal's Saappadu says:

      Beautiful pictures of this fragile yet delicious dessert, I’m mouthwatering , perfectly presented! hmm, lucky people at home! lovely!

    32. Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella says:

      Happy Valentines Day Deeba! And an absolutely perfect cake to celebrate it with. I can imagine swooning at that πŸ˜€

    33. Maris says:

      This looks delicious – I love how pretty the layers look next to one another. What a great dessert presentation.

    34. That would definitely be calling to me – how absolutely gorgeous.

    35. Spectacular dessert! Great idea on saving the tins. I always want to make individual desserts but never have enough small tins to do so.

    36. 19 years! wow… nice way of using condensed milk tins. Looks delicious. Another one bookmarked to try. I have bookmarked so many recipes to make from your blog!

    37. Purnima says:

      Firstly..the mousse is just lipsmacking adorable! I spent so many mins just lookin at it! THe next in reading n trying to see if I can use my memory to store this recipe πŸ˜€ I give up..cant..
      MIND BLOWING..tip to use the Nestle tins! Wow..honestly the layers n the recipe n killer pics! Too good Deeba!! HAPPY belated VD!

    38. Dharm says:

      Oh you wicked witch!! That dessert looks just lovely. It’s always nice to spoil the kids with a luscious dessert. Kids have such a high metabolic rate and they are so active that I”m sure there’s no harm in him enjoying his desserts!!

    39. Jeanne says:

      Oh, that’s too gorgeous! I want to come to that too :) And congrats on the 19 years – we are coming up on the 11 year anniversary of our first date!

    40. Very pretty, and very romantic! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, Deeba!

    41. Bharti says:

      So so pretty Deeba! Gorgeous. And you’re kidding..I can’t imagine you witch like at all. Happy meeting day!

    42. Ricardo says:

      Fantastic desert . even though I have a few on my blog I have to bow to yours as you really know how to pull them…thx for sharing it…cheers

    43. Purnima says:

      Deeba, I truly u/stand how difficult designing this might hv been! I hv sent a mail..ur after recipe tips hv been used by me. My first time at gelatin/mousse! πŸ˜€
      (Been 19 yrs since u both met! Wow! Lucky Hub!)

    44. Kevin says:

      Those look so good! Nice presentation!

    45. manjeet says:

      Hi Deeba,
      Have a sob story to share. I have tried whipping up Amul Fresh Cream into some semblance of whipped cream thrice now.. I have tried all methods possible and published in all sites , but to no avail.
      Can you please share the secret behind this? I have tried your method also , obviously. But forget about soft peaks . My cream refuses to move away from its liquid state even after whipping consistently.

      • We share similar cream sob stories; a perennial problem for us in India.
        I use Amul cream for my cakes, which whips up these days because the weather in Gurgaon is still cool {high speed whipping for almost 7-10 minutes at times}. Does your cream whip up at all? I have a post here – that talks about how to reintroduce the fat in low fat cream so it can get whipped up, but it’s not a sure shot result always. I try using only small tetrapaks. The big 1 ltr one always fails for me..

        Not sure how the weather is where you are, but Amul cream just does not cooperate in hot humid weather. When it is cooler here, I keep the tetrapak in the fridge, at least overnight, till chilled. Then snip off the top, drain off the clear liquid, & whip the cream to peaks with castor sugar…

        I have now begun turning to pastry cream more often as compared to whipped cream. Sometimes it makes life easier! Hope this helps …

        • manjeet says:

          Thanks for the reply Deeba..:)
          I live in Mumbai where we have only hot and humid weather.. all year round..:)
          So might as well give up on this assignment and pick up ready made frosting powders from store in Powai..Thanks all the same..I feel much relieved and soothed now :)

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