“Foodbuzz Publisher Community Launches.”


If it’s buzz about food, it’s got to be on foodbuzz. They’ve been officially launched this September, a community of 1,100 & growing. These are exciting times for foodies & food bloggers. Real time food-blogging has come of age, & with a happening community like Foodbuzz, it’s only getting better & better. To celebrate the launch, the large-hearted Foodbuzz guys sent out aprons & spatulas. Just had to show off my ‘publisher pride & delicious spirit’ while making Halloween coffee chocolate chip muffins!It got here in the mail yesterday; I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it…

San Francisco – October 13, 2008: Foodbuzz, Inc., officially inaugurates its food blogger community with more than 1,000 blog partners, a global food blogging event and an online platform that captures the real-people, real-time power of food publishing in every corner of the world. At launch, the Foodbuzz community ranks as one of the top-10 Internet destinations for food and dining (Quantcast), with bloggers based in 45 countries and 863 cities serving up daily food content.
“Food bloggers are at the forefront of reality publishing and the dramatic growth of new media has redefined how food enthusiasts access tasty content,” said Doug Collister, Executive Vice President of Foodbuzz, Inc. “Food bloggers are the new breed of local food experts and at any minute of the day, Foodbuzz is there to help capture the immediacy of their hands-on experiences, be it a memorable restaurant meal, a trip to the farmers market, or a special home-cooked meal.”

Listen to the buzz… a 1,100-publisher strong, collective voice of our community. Want to join the buzz? Drop me a line…


  • Manggy
    8 years ago

    Looking very chic Deeba! 😉

  • Helene
    8 years ago

    I love that picture of you with the apron. You look good.

  • noble pig
    8 years ago

    You are so cute Deeba!

  • passionfordecor
    8 years ago

    Looking good 😉

  • Núria
    8 years ago

    I got mine yesterday too!!!! You look so sweet there 😀

    And that muffin is lovely as all you do in your blog♥♥♥

  • Arundathi
    8 years ago

    You’re looking lovely, Deeba! 🙂

  • Mike of Mike's Table
    8 years ago

    You’re making that apron look good! And the muffins look great, too

  • Always A
    8 years ago

    WOMAN!! sorry for screaming but you look fetching …. in that apron!! super!!

  • arundati
    8 years ago

    always a is arundati ok….before you delete thinking i am some stalker type!!


  • Bellini Valli
    8 years ago

    Thee is a package waiting for me at the post office. I hope it is from Foodbuzz!!

  • nicisme
    8 years ago

    Look at you Mrs Fancypants!! That wouldn’t stay white in my kitchen for long,

  • Ivy
    8 years ago

    You look terrific in that apron Deeba. I hope I’ll get one soon.

  • Laurie
    8 years ago

    Yeah!!! Congrats to Foodbuzz.. Such a great community to be a part of.
    Those pictures of you are gorgeous Deeba! What a great Foodbuzz profile picture it would make! 🙂

  • Pearlsofeast
    8 years ago

    U look great Deeba.

  • Cham
    8 years ago

    U look cool with apron and spatula 🙂

  • Rico
    8 years ago

    if that is your picture you look like my sister….You won the food buzz stuff??? very well done. keep cooking.


  • Gloria
    8 years ago

    You look sooo beauty dear Deeba!! I love the apron! is so cute!!! xGloria

  • Shaheen (Coco)
    8 years ago

    Looking good, Deeba! 🙂 I want the goodies too. Still havne’t become active on foodbuzz 🙁

  • Jeanne
    8 years ago

    Look at you, you glamourous lady! Love the Foodbuzz merchandise too 🙂

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