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C.S. Lewis
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About me: I am a freelance food writer, recipe developer and photographer. Food is my passion - baking, cooking, developing recipes, making recipes healthier, using fresh seasonal produce and local products, keeping a check on my carbon footprint and being a responsible foodie! I enjoy food styling, food photography, recipe development and product reviews. I express this through my food photographs which I style and the recipes I blog. My strength lies in 'Doing Food From Scratch'; it must taste as good as it looks, and be healthy too. Baking in India, often my biggest challenge is the non-availability of baking ingredients, and this has now become a platform to get creative on. I enjoy cooking immensely as well.


  1. Nachiketa says:

    n this is exactly what happened to us.. :-)


    The Variable

    • hello dear
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  2. it’s yummy. i mean your site. am always in in search of new writers for my monthly magazine. would u be interested?

  3. catface says:

    I stumbled on your beautiful blog when I did a search for Ramgarh cottages. Your pages are gorgeous, your food looks divine. Lucky kids! Could you please tell me the name of the Cottage you stayed at? I am headed that way soon.

  4. ♥Deeba @Passionate About Baking♥ says:

    Hi there Catface. Can you mail me at as I donot have any address to mail you back at? Will forward you the details. The bungalow is an ITC heritage property Taradale Cottage, owned by a retired Army brigadier. I am in touch with him too. Cheers

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey Deeba!!

    Like most others I landed on your site accidently.. It was landing on moon to me. I love baking. I have realized this fact only recently. I want to explore my new passion to the fullest. Thank you for your blog. It is awesome.

    I was just wondering what was the first recipe you baked??

    Best wishes!!

  6. from my motorhome to yours says:

    very nice blog and design, come by my site and get in on the cupcake holder giveaway and check out my new book,pam

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello Deeba –

    Landed on your site through another blog – it was like eureka!! I am so glad to find you. I love it…Love the layout, creative photographs, great writing, beautiful and appropriate quotes. You are definitely very passionate and dedicated to your site. Being a novice photographer, I appreciate the great photographs…
    I am looking forward to trying some of your recipes… top on the list is your version of mascarpone Cheese.
    Will visit again soon.

    Keep up the great work.
    -Cook in PA

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  9. SANIA says:

    I was just going thru this month's edition of MOEMENTS and I saw your name in there!

    Wow… you must be so proud to have featured in the magazine; even I feel honored reading your name, thinking that I know this person! :d

    All the best for you! :)


  10. priya says:



  11. Hi deeba,
    Just went through ur recipes and ur blog is awesome ! with commendable pics ! its my pleasure to follow you and get nice recipes from u :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Your site loads very slowly, try to see if you can make it load any faster. Other than that, nice site!

  13. Samir says:


    Nice site, but loads slowly. Also, there is scope for improving the layout and navigation. Have you considered using a blogging template? For example, look at this baking blog by a "stay-at-home-mom" in Singapore. Loads fast and easy to find info. See:

    One thing that I would like to get more information on is the type of flours that we get in India. There are a lot of recipes that we see on the Net, but the ingredients might not be available in India. For example, what's the Hindi translation of "all purpose flour" or "plain flour" or "wheat flour". Would love to get some info on the flours and other ingredients available in India.

    Thanks for a good site and sharing the recipes. Cheers!

  14. mitakapur says:

    For all the foodies out there, I request you to please let me post information about my book 'The F-Word' which is an experiential writing on food. I'd be grateful and look forward to your response.

    'The F-Word' is a madcap account of a working woman juggling family, friends, long distance phone calls and food. How do you serve a nutritious yet delicious meal to a large family of individuals of varying ages and with extreme differences in taste? What is the trick to adapting a great tasting but swimming-in-oil restaurant special so it keeps the punch and loses the grease? What does a woman do to keep them all – partner, children, in-laws, pals – healthy and happy without quietly going out of her mind? A culinary romp with unexpectedly tender moments interspersed with seriously good recipes to suit every taste.
    ‘The F-Word makes the entire experience of enjoying food incredibly sexy! Lip smackingly good. A literary “bhojan” to be enjoyed with friends, lovers, and yes… family, too!’ – Shobhaa Dé

    ‘A feisty, fun journey into food world. Staying Indian to the core, yet international in narrative, Kapur whips up culinary delights garnished with personal stories of joy…’ – Wendell Rodricks

    Mita Kapur is a freelance journalist regularly featured in many newspapers and magazines. She covers social and developmental issues along with travel, food and lifestyle humor stories. She is the founder and CEO of Siyahi, a literary consultancy where she doubles up as a literary agent along with conceptualizing and directing literary events.

    Thank you,
    Warm regards,

  15. Noodlehead says:

    Hi Deeba, great blog full of wonderful recipes and lovely pictures! I stumbled across this when I was looking for a recipe for chocolate pound cake. I just made your chocolate buttermilk pound cake and it was devoured in 10 mins flat :) Now I’m going to make another one that will hopefully last longer and can be shared with family and friends. I love your blog because, like me, you have to work with ingredients available in India. So I am assured of a recipe that I won’t have to move away from for lack of ingredients (can’t tell you how many times that has happened and it simply breaks my heart!). Keep posting and good luck with your move to WP.

  16. Donny Gamble says:


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    They are a timeshare company that provides valuable information to individuals to help them get out of their timeshares.

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    Please provide me with a quote of how much this will cost.

  17. Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Happened accross your blog while surfing. Wondering how i missed it earlier. What a LOVELY blog! Beautiful pictures! Look forward to reading more. Will definitely be back!

    .-= Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal´s last blog ..My Cook-shelf =-.

  18. dear deeba,

    i stumbled upon you website thru your article in toi on nameless streets. good one.

    i am new to delhi, can you help me in finding confectionery and bakery products viz. choco chips, gms, chocolate bars, crush, baking powders, caramel, cherries etc.

  19. landed at your site …. through some blog…. lovely blog n lovely layout n the photographs. n….. it goes on…

  20. Shushant Goel says:

    Hi,I came across your site while surfing for some frozen cakes.Actually,I am planning to open an exlusive frozen stuff retail outlet.Can you help me in finding confectionery and bakery products viz. frozen cakes,choco chips, etc.Please help me in finding out some exclusive sources.

  21. Neena Jawaharlal says:

    I stumbled across your website looking for baking ingredients retailers in kolkata.

    I moved here to India (Kolkata) 5years back from South Africa, i am too passionate about baking and do so almost once a week as my entire family has a sweet tooth.

    I however am sometimes very discouraged and dissapointed at the non availability of baking ingredients and utensils in kolkata. A simple thing as dry yeast is so hard to get in the normal food bazaar, spencer and also the local modis

    I am wondering if you could assist me in finding a retail outlet that has everything.

    Please help

  22. whenever i tried to open up recipes from the sites it doesn’t open up. It says server cannot be found or Page not found.

    • Hi Neetu,

      Sorry you are having trouble with the links. I recently cut over from blogger to Word Press and a few links have got corrupted. Was there something particular you were looking for?

  23. Priti says:

    Hi Deeba,

    First of all, congrats for this blog. We all agree that managing a home and taking time off for blog is one tremendous effort!! Kudos for that !!! :)
    I have just one query and it would be indebted to u for life if u answer me.
    Background: I am a new entrant in baking world and recently “attempted” to bake simple chocolate cake. I followed all instructions to the T but the cake looked like burnt toast. Flat and burnt. I tried various celeb recipes but all failed. All were similar recipes “preheat and bake using convection”,
    However, once i read a microwave recipe and followed it, as a miracle, the cake turned out to be eatable.
    Query: I saw that even ur recipes are the “pre-heat” ones. Is there any trick involved in using this convection oven? I use the LG Convetion Oven and it works well except when i bake a cake. Can your recipes be used for a cake using microwave???

    Thanks :) and praying for a response :)

  24. Hi Deeba,

    I have been following your website for about a year now and I love it!
    I wanted to let you know how much you have inspired me in my baking as I love baking cakes.
    I wish you all the best and will always refer to your blog for guidance as well.
    Happy New Year!

  25. Ashima says:

    Hello Deeba ji
    Few weeks back i saw ur website and i found it very interesting..I must say you have a great sense of cooking.I spend one hour daily on ur blog too learn new recipes.I m facing lot of problems as i m new to baking.I will be really thankful if u answer my queries.I want to know At which temperature should i bake my cakes so that they come out perfect.Everytime i bake my cake remains raw from inside despite baking for 2 hours.
    I have a round electric oven and i made garam masala cake.I replacedthe eggs with mixture of milk and 230 gms of flour,230 gms of unsalted butter and 210 gms of sugar i added a glass of milk+curd and i baked at 150 celsius more little more thn two hours and 15 mins of preheating.even then the cake came out real heavy and not seemes it was uncooked so i kept it in the refrigerator and the next day it became very hard.Plz tell me where did i go wrong so as to improve my baking and plz also tell me where can i find vanilla pods or vanilla sticks and lavender used in cakes in delhi?waiting for ur rply
    Thanx a ton in advance

  26. Hello!

    I came across your page a few times and I love love love your blog!! and I love how you so passionate with your baking. Everything looks amazing!!!!!!

  27. Sulagna says:

    Dear Deeba,

    I love your blog especially the photographs.

    I live in Gurgaon as well and was curious to know after reading about the bagels where you got the vital wheat gluten from.

    I really want to try out the recipe.



  28. danny klecko says:


    Greetings from the USA, I love your blog.

    Danny Klecko

  29. buddingbaker says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Was wondering if you could help me locate a baking store in Delhi Noida or Gurgaon wher i can find Baking / Parchment paper. Marzipan, and otehr baking good.


  30. Hi Deeba,
    I am Yazzy! I stumbled upon your food blog and I should say, I am inspired! I just love it.
    I am new to baking and I am just enjoying every moment of it. I tried making your Joconde Imprime, with slight tweaking and it was just delicious! I have added this to my blog ( Please let me know your comments :)
    Thanks in advance!


  31. hi , accidentally came across your website .
    was a pleasure going through the pages .
    great reading . just started blogging recently .
    do visti my blog
    if time permits

  32. Sarvjeet says:

    Hey Deeba
    Have been an avid reader of your recipies for over an year now and have tried quite a few ones sucessfully. You are an excellent photographer and I have yet to see a food blog with more vibrant colors and write up equally spread over intelligence, Wit and mouth watering description. Your Old Delhi coverage actually showed your love for the city(and not shame unlike many others wud have). Love every bit of your site.
    I would be moving to Gurgaon in 3 mnths and hope to see the real person someday :)

    I would request some information in procuring- Graham Crackers in Delhi/Gurgaon. We had one of the yummiest “Chocolate Chip Paradise pie” at Chilis this weekend and my hubby has dared me to make that alike. Please let me know if you would know could I get Graham crackers.

    See this link:


  33. Shalini says:

    Hi Deeba,
    A dear friend told me about your blog and have been hooked onto it since then. Tried many of your recipes, they’re all great and simple to follow. I love the pictures as well, great site and look forward to more of your yummy posts!
    Cheers Shalini

  34. Hi Deeba..

    Wow.. Ur Blog is pretty delicious… Me being newbie at Baking is pretty excited to do more just by looking at your pictures…

    Kudos Deeba.. U make cooking an Art rather than a chore.. New Gen shud be grateful.. 😀 😀


  35. Hi Deeba..

    Your Blog is soo awesum and Delicious too… I am a newbie at Baking and your blog encourages me to do more..

    Kudos Deeba for making Cooking an Art rather than a Chore… New Gen shud be grateful to you…

    (Have lots of doubts in Baking..I would be happy to learn the tricks from You)


  36. Hi, I am writing to you on behalf of The Viewspaper regarding a major event on Twitter. If interested, please contact us at


  37. Hello Deeba, Happy to connect with you on twitter. And we will be doubly happy to see you connect back with us on twitter. And then i believe the true relationship will start between you and Gourmise.

    We have our figures crossed!!

    Love from

  38. Hi Deeba,
    I am a big time fan of your pineapple fresh cream cake. I made it several times. but didnt note down the recipe even once. Now Iam not able to find it your blog or from recipe index.I think its some technical problems. Could you please try to restore that page ..
    I heard from couple of other friends also that they were not able to get that recipe :)
    Happy New Year to you. :)

  39. Hi Deeba,
    I am a big time fan of your pineapple fresh cream cake. I made it several times. but didnt note down the recipe even once. Now Iam not able to find it your blog or from recipe index.I think its some technical problems. Could you please try to restore that page ..
    I heard from couple of other friends also that they were not able to get that recipe :)
    Happy New Year to you. :)

  40. Hi Deeba, was a pleasure to meet you today. Loving your site. There are amazing write-ups to explore. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  41. Loved your blog, Deeba. It was a pleasure to meet you today. Keep in touch. Cheers!

  42. anisha says:

    Dear Deeba,
    I’m not too sure about delhi but its strawberry season in Mumbai !!! and just looking at them makes me so happy :)

    the quick strawberry recipe sounds was something I really wanted to try but the link to the recipe for mascarpone cheese is missing could you please send it to me ?


  43. Archana says:

    Hi Deeba, I just came across your website and found out that you are in Gurgaon. I am in Gurgaon too and was wondering if you conduct baking classes too? If you do, please share the details.
    I have been looking for a good baking class as I dont understand even the basics of baking and i want to learn it all. Hoping to hear from you. Thanks, Archana

  44. do you take classes teach how to fine skills of baking

  45. Hi Deeba
    I am food lover, in every way…. I love eating, everything delicious; I love cooking; I love to look at food. I must especially congratulate you for your photographs, they are hunger inducing even to the fullest of the tummies..
    I live in South west Delhi, and wondering, where do get your beautiful, fresh fruits from? They look sooooo juicy.

    P.S. Needless say at this point that I totally loved your blog. Happy Blogging.

    • Hi Ruhi {Is that really your name? My younger sis is also called Ruhi!}
      Thanks for those sweet words. I live in Gurgaon, and get my fruit from the local fruit vendor. He really gets nice stuff.

      • Yeah Deeba, that is my real name. You have been a real inspiration, i baked my first decent cake today.. (surprise fr my hubby). I am sure, I will baking more n more.. Was good fun. Thanx fr ur recipes…

  46. Hi Deeba,

    This is my first time coming here ..Saw your food pics in Pinterest ..I love everything about this blog ..Your writing , recipes, and pictures ..You are truly amazing and inspiring.. I really really wish , one day you write a cookbook ..God bless you ..

  47. preeth says:

    congratulations being featured in top 10 blogs u well deserve it… well if u know of any place take classes for men i am really interested…

    • Hi Preeth. My apologies once again for not replying to your DM. Just got back in as I was out this morning. I shall definitely teach you one day. My daughter has her 10th board exams on and keeps me on my toes these days. SORRY!

      • preeth says:

        thanks very much for reply well sure understand well kids are definitely are first priority do stay in touch and please let me know once you are free shall take out time then to learn a few things from you.

  48. Congratulations Deeba! Well deserved award. You are a continuous source of inspiration to us baking enthusiasts.

  49. tanya gupta says:

    As a baking enthusiast I am looking to convert my passion into a career.
    I am thoroughly confused as to where i can get a good start in India or in London in terms of doing a short term course in baking and patisserie.
    Is there anyone who has information about the same?!

  50. neetu says:

    Hi deeba
    Your blog is very good. Can you provide substitute for eggs in your recipes as it would help vegetarian readers like us.

  51. Hi Deeba,
    I’m new to blogging, just a couple of days old.

    Your blog was an inspiration for me to start blogging. I was surprised to find an Indian blog….one written by an Indian in India.

    I wondered if you could help me.
    If I wanted to blog about my efforts at trying out one of the recipes on your blog or any other for that matter, and mention the source of the recipe, is that infringing a copywrite?
    I have found many blogs which quote recipes from a certain cookbook as well. Does nt this infringe on copywrite laws?
    Before I go on, I thought I’d check out what was right and wrong.

    I just have 1 post on my blog but would love for you to check it out and give me some feedback.

    Thank you.

    • Hi there Jo. Welcome to this wonderful and addictive world of food blogging. There are many different opinions on copyright, but I am always fine with a credit to the source and link back. As a rule, I never use anyone else’s pictures as I consider that copyright infringement {other than the fact that I have too many that I take of course!!LOL!!} In the case of the latter, always ask first. avid Levobitz has a good post on infringement etc.
      Good luck my friend!!

  52. Gulshan Kwatra says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Read about your Blog in the Woman’s Weekly *( British) -15th May,2012 issue and immediately searched the Blog. Nice Blog and can quite empathize with you as I am a fellow Gurgaonite and bake off and on.
    Best Wishes,

    * Been reading Woman’s Weekly since I was in school.

  53. Aparna Sujay says:

    Finally I found an Indian(who lives in India) who bakes! I am learning to bake and am quite obsessed with it actually. I will be living in The Netherlands for the next four months and I thought this would be the right time to start. I nagged my husband to buy a Toaster Oven and have started experimenting with it. I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and haven’t stopped reading your posts since then. I was so excited that I slept only for a few hours. I can see you are passionate about baking by just looking at your pictures. I am also learning Graphic Designing so I have to say “What a wonderful blog design!”.

    If you don’t mind, can I ask you a few questions?
    a) Which should be the first few recipes that I should try?breads? cakes? cookies?
    b) I am planning to get a few things related to baking when I return to India. Which items do you feel I will need.
    c) Since I have a Toaster Oven, I cannot bake anything big. If I just take half the quantity that you have suggested, will it work. If so, will the baking time be the same?

    Thank you

  54. debbey says:

    hello mam,

    can you please explain that how to use OTG, how to bake cakes ,breads in which rack of OTG?, preheating means all the basics of baking,it will be great help to beginnerss like me.

  55. Nadia Pshonyak says:

    I was wondering if there is an alternative to the low fat cream for the Black Forest Cake. I live in the United States and we do not have Amul cream in Missouri.

  56. Saumya says:


    i was interested in knowing where did you purchase thermomix from. Also, would appreciate if you can tell me where to purchase various cake baking and decorating equipments in gurgaon or Delhi.

    you have got a beautiful website and lots of information.


  57. Hi Deeba

    Tried mailing you at but its bouncing back! Any other address where I can write to you?

  58. Oh it did get through huh? Great! Thanks! :)

  59. Lisa Ganz-Casting Director says:

    Lisa Ganz here-I am a casting director in NY and presently casting a
    BIG CBS SHOW looking for people that LOVE TO BAKE. This is a show for non-professional/amateur bakers that would love the chance to compete to Win Big! I was hoping you could help me spread the word to readers. Naturally if you are an amateur and don’t bake for a living but just love it you are welcome to apply .
    Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.
    We are on a very short time frame so any help would be great.
    Thanks Lisa Ganz


    Are you a passionate amateur baker? Can you whip up an impressive cake, tart, or loaf of bread? Are your muffins to die for? If so, we want to meet you!

    We are seeking all types of NON-PROFESSIONAL bakers from across the country. Whether you’re a stay at home mom, athlete, teacher, truck driver, fireman, entrepreneur, Wall Street broker, yoga instructor or retiree, as long as you have the zest for baking, we want to hear from you!

    Amateur skilled bakers from every background and every corner of the US, will compete against one another in baking challenges that will test every aspect of their baking skills. At the end of the competition, one baker will ultimately be crowned the winner.

    If interested, please email ASAP:

    Include your full name, contact tel #, city/state, occupation, recent photos of yourself, brief description of your baking background and skills, history about when and how you got into baking, what you love about it and tell us about your signature dish. Also, if available, include some photos of your baked goods

  60. Hi Deeba,
    Its me, Namita again. As always, I keep visiting your beautiful blog and keep admiring your baking prowess. You are a gifted baker I must say. Some of your bakes in the last few posts look like some piece of art. Last week, I made Zucchini Orange Marmalade Tea cake with the recipe from your blog. I used whole wheat flour and used only ¼ cup of oil. Since it had orange marmalade, I used ½ cup home made candied peels instead of chocolate chips. Final product was amazingly yummy and very orangeeeeee. I have posted this in my blog with a link to your recipe.
    Last month, I also made Marmalade at home with Maltas. Then I saw marmalade in your blog too. I loved your line that says life is also bitter sweet like marmalade. So true!
    Thanks for the wonderful recipes,
    Link to my blog-

  61. Hi Deeba ! When I discovered your blog way back in 2008, it was like finding the ‘baking mine’, was delighted at my discovery…unfortunately I had to keep baking away for 4 yrs and am slowly crawling back to my roots now. I re-discovered your blog through Suma’s ‘Cakes and more’ and wow….here I re-gained my treasure…joy beyond expression. Love your photography and your bakes are amazing. I was looking for the ‘Peaches and cream cake’ recipe but the page doesn’t open. Would you please check the page link for me. Lined up Black forest gateau to bake for this friday and next would love to look at the peaches and cream cake.
    Thanks so much !!!

  62. Shubha says:

    Hi,Deeba! Just read an article about your site in Crest Times of India.Felt extremely proud about you.I have been regularly visiting your site so it makes me happy to read about you in the papers.Keep going.God Bless.

  63. Sundar Tumuluru says:

    Just found your blog when searching for “baking” and was stunned with the awesome repertoire in your blog and omg I am going to try your focaccia soon, since a couple times I made it really flopped and failed miserably, your recipe in Indian context is simple to understand and will give a try and let y0u know the result.

  64. Hi,

    I am Patricia, a travel lover. I found your blog interesting and wondering if I can do a guest post? I wish to write something according to your blog niche. If this is something you could allow me to do, may I as well add a single link to our site?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    With Best Regards,

  65. pooja sharma says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Do conduct workshops/classes for baking…if yes please send in your contact info.


  66. kirti chawla says:

    hey, i loved your blog! can you please help me out! i am planning to bake a cake for my mom’s birthday and the recipe requires shortening and butter for icing, so can you please tell me what can be used as a substitute for shortening. please keep in mind that we are vegetarians. somebody told me i can use ghee!
    please help me out, it will be a great pleasure.
    thank you
    Kirti chawla

  67. Hay Deeba,
    Almost all your recipes have been successfully tried by me
    BUT I have failed to whip up Amul low fat cream.
    This is my request if you put a video clipping of how do you
    make the stubborn cream to surrender.

  68. I recently moved from US to India for good…and was a bakaholic like you… and your website was always inspirational..
    Just wondering which oven do you use for baking?? we are redoing our kitchen and planning to buy capella brand 63 litre oven?? please can you help me

    • Hi Puja. Thank you for your words. Unfortunately I haven’t heard of Capella. I use a small 40L Morphy Richards and it works fine for me.

  69. Shilpi says:

    I love the way you make each of your recipe look so presentable and worth trying. I had a query related to your espresso coffee cream cake… Do you use plain flour or cake flour in it

  70. Rashida says:

    Dear Deeba,

    Enjoy your blog immensely.
    Have tried out many of your reciepes.
    Your meatballs looks amazingly delicious – would you please share the recipe

    • Dear Rashida, Thank you for your wonderful words. They meant a lot to me. The meatball recipe was developed for a client recently, and should be hopefully on their website soon. Will give you a shout the minute that happens. :-)

      • hi deepa…i am new to ur blog….just amazing.eveybody saluting to ur culinary skills but u knw what i am stunned by ur food photography..just wanted to ask u abt the camera u use to take photos.and also hw much time do u really take to get great snaps and post process….super imprrrrrrrrrrrrresssifieeeeeeeeeeeed….

  71. Geeta says:

    I just came across your website .
    Enjoy your blog immensely…..I love the layout and the way u write recipe in details. ..Thanks n Cheers :)

  72. I am no longer certain the place you’re getting your info, however good topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
    Thanks for magnificent info I was on the lookout for this info for my mission.

  73. I am regular reader, how are yyou everybody? This piece off writing posted at this web page is actually good.

  74. Anita Kumari says:

    Hi Deeba,

    I came across you blog accidentally. The food looks delicious and the recipes easy to follow. I wish to bake but don’t know what kind of oven to buy. Confused between conventional oven or convection oven.. Pls suggest.

    Thanks and cheers


    • Hi Anita,
      Thanks for stopping by. I have never used a convection oven is that the same as a microwave}. I have always used a conventional one. Currently have a 40L Morphy Richards. Hope this helps! Happy baking.

  75. Prasanna says:

    Dear Deeba ,
    I love ur website a lot.I would like to try ur recipes at home.I am from Gurgaon. Could u please tell me where u buy ur ingredients for baking.


    • Hi Prasanna, Thank you for your sweet words.
      Is there something in particular you are looking for. I source my stuff from the local market around where I stay. The more difficult to get stuff is usually from Modern Bazaar, and sometimes from La Marche in DLF.

  76. I nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award :)

  77. Hi Deeba,

    Love your blog! Been following your articles for many months now.

    Need your help on chocolate. What chocolate do you use for dark chocolate? The compounds available in the market are very grainy. And bornville is too sweet.
    I’m looking for a good flavor for chocolate ganache, icings etc. (at least 70% cocoa preferable)

    Also please do let me know about your cooking classes. I live in Delhi


    • Hi Puja,
      I use a dark couverture and never compound. Compound has transfats. My ast lot was a Morde couverture dark but it is very difficult to come by. It’s sold only as wholesale. You could try Pimento in Jangpura – +91-9810003527 or +91-9810245682.
      Hvnt planned any cooking classes as yet. Will let you know!
      Take care

  78. Madhurima says:

    Dear Deeba,
    I love your blog, came across it accidentally i am hooked on to it .You have a beautiful website with lots of information. I am participating in a dessert competition in my colony from a few days form now and hence i would really love to get your suggestions on what i could make..i would be really happy if you could help.

    Total tym- 40 mins
    Can be hot or cold dessert /something baked too…i was thinking of something that is very appealing, creative and has good nutritive value giving it a healthy twist.

    Could you help me with some winning ideas.

    Thanks a ton !

  79. Hi. I am a High School student doing some research on India and seeking for help. I was hoping someone could help me about the different Indian spices. I also was curious about others favorite dishes from India.


  80. Abhinay Baweja says:

    Hi there,

    I wanted to start baking, can you please let me know what equipment should I buy.


  81. Sarika Gulati says:

    I have just read your introduction, it seems very interesting. I love cooking n presenting my food layout in stylish way!! Would love to learn a lot from you..!!

  82. Hello, you have a lovely passion for baking it seems. You can try these products while cooking.

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