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“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.”
Julia Child

Deeba Rajpal
Passionate About Baking is a recipe cum food blog about baking, cooking, photography, food trends, cuisines and cultures. It’s mainly about ‘Doing Food From Scratch’. The challenge lies greatly in trying to recreate or develop recipes with substitutes as baking is not widespread in India, and ingredients are sometimes hard to come by.Food photographsA ‘locavore’, a ‘bake-a-holic’, an ‘absolut’ baker are synonymous with who I am, a reflection of the artisan baker and foodie in me. My mantra – ‘Bake From Scratch’. With the lack of international baking ingredients in the everyday Indian kitchen, join me in my culinary adventures as I try to conquer the oven!
Wholemeal Crackers with Baba Ghanoush & Muhammara I am a non conformist, passionate & ‘rabid’ baker and blogger from Gurgaon, for whom visual appeal holds as much significance as healthy and delectable food. Any idea that grabs my fancy becomes a springboard for creativity.
Whole wheat focacciaMy obsession remains baking with fruit, baking whole grain bread, exploring new ingredients, alternative flours, gluten free foods etc. I am obsessive about food styling, food photography, recipe development and enjoy cookbook/product reviews. 

Love Stone FruitI also write an online baking blog for the Times of India, one of India’s largest newspapers. You can find me here under the name The Rabid Baker. The name is quite reflective of who and what I’m all about.

Notes : rabid: (adj) marked by excessive enthusiasm for and intense devotion to a cause or idea world photog day 3I develop recipes too, on request for clients and for myself, which include baking using alternate grains like oats, buckwheat, amaranth etc. Food styling is something I absolutely adore. I use a Canon EOS 50D which I am still exploring.

Plum upside-down cakeDid I tell you I love props? I cannot collect enough of them. I love India, I love staying here, and I love the opportunity it has afforded me. I have a nice bunch of like minded foodie friends, and they are often the inspiration for my recipe ideas. We can only grow if we share wholeheartedly and intelligently … that is my belief!!

My other interests include travel, nature and lifestyle photography. I love the vibrancy and character of everything Indian. That rules my soul!

Lucknow, India

Ooooh, and I love nice quotes too!

Baked Dark Chocolate Mousse


Deeba Rajpal
{deebarajpal at gmail dot com}
Food Blogger | Recipe Developer | Food Stylist
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About me: I am a freelance food writer, recipe developer and photographer. Food is my passion - baking, cooking, developing recipes, making recipes healthier, using fresh seasonal produce and local products, keeping a check on my carbon footprint and being a responsible foodie! I enjoy food styling, food photography, recipe development and product reviews. I express this through my food photographs which I style and the recipes I blog. My strength lies in 'Doing Food From Scratch'; it must taste as good as it looks, and be healthy too. Baking in India, often my biggest challenge is the non-availability of baking ingredients, and this has now become a platform to get creative on. I enjoy cooking immensely as well.


  1. Sunshinemom says:

    Deeba, congratulations on getting your own space! You stood out even otherwise and I know you will have a great innings here too:) That was a very nice about! You have a great smile – keep it on!

  2. Archana says:


    Loved your site…Awesome recipes…

    I have recently started baking..and I love it..I myself is foodie by nature and love cook, eat and serve yummies…I baked my 1st cake few days ago and was really proud of it..However it didnt look fluffy but tasted good…I had used sqaure glassware for the same. Should trying a round bottom glass ware will help?

    Pls let me know…bbye and happy baking…

  3. Deeba @Passionate About Baking says:

    Hi Archana, Thanks for writing in.Am replying here since I don't have an email address for you. I've never baked in glassware in the oven, so am not too sure. Maybe you can buy a baking tin, & expeiment in that to compare.I love baking in tins, & somehow feel I wont get the same results in glassware.Where do you live? Will try & help you look for some…take care

  4. EntertainingMom says:

    I just accidentally fell into your site… not to worry, it didn’t hurt! It’s WONDERFUL and I will be adding it to my favorites… so many recipes to try!

  5. joumana Accad says:

    love your blog!

  6. Vinita says:

    Hi Deeba,
    I read about you on the daily tiffin. In one of your articles you mentioned about keeping the kitchen clean as an obsession. Actually it must be a blessing because that is one of the things I can't do and would really like to learn how to in a proper methodical way. What's your daily routine? How do you keep your stove top, counters and cabinets clean? And also plan your meals and do your grocery.. Have you posted any pictures of your kitchen? would love to see it and where and how you make the delicious gourmet meals.

  7. Deeba @Passionate About Baking says:

    Hi Vinita, Thanks for writing in; wish you'd left your email address, but will reply in brief here. I have pictures of my kitchen, but havnt posted them anywhere. It's a largish kitchen, not fancy, but suits me. Yes I plan my grocery & meals at least a day in advance, & if am caught off guard, make do with basic pantry items. Basics like butter,eggs,flour,sugar,essences,potatoes,tomatoes,onions,garlic,limes are always to be found in my kitchen. When I work in the kitchen, I like to do all the clearing & washing myself, even though I have household help.I do not start a second thing without clearing,washing,cleaning & putting away all the stuff from the first thing. I clean my kitchen counters too, & only then embark on my next project. Also, I like to keep all my knives, baking tins, casseroles in their own designated places. Just makes me feel less hassled! Hope this helps…

    • Hello Deeba!

      Cudnt help but smile as I read this reply of yours :) I am soooo much like this too, cleaning and keeping my kitchen spic and span is my obsession. I cannot venture into cooking without clearing out the dishes, cleaning the kitchen counter and the stove. And that point abt keeping things back in their place… oh am so glad to read u are like that too 😀

      Oh that apart, I just love your site and have been following it for the past few weeks. I am a newbie in the baking sphere and am taking baby steps. I love food photography too, again taking baby steps in that too :) Your pics are simply amazing and I would love to get to this level some day :)

      Way to go Deeba, very good to knw u r lovingly following your passion, glad to follow u! :)
      Nandita Pai´s last blog post ..Whole Wheat Garlic Bun RollsMy Profile

  8. Anonymous says:

    im certain you get this all the but i had to compliment you on your amazing skills!! im a culinarty arts student and i was looking up black forest gateau becausing im making it in class tomorrow and i can only hope mine is half as good as yours

  9. Deeba @Passionate About Baking says:

    I wish I was a culinary arts student too. Thank you for your very kind words. I'm sure your cake will be a huge success!

  10. Hi Deeba,
    Amazing blog, amazing recipes!
    Finally found a site/blog by an Indian, staying in India. The moment I read the words "baking is not widespread in India, & ingredients are hard to come by", I felt 'this is it!'. Somebody from India bakes and knows that some ingredients and tools are difficult to find!
    And what a list of recipes!

    I bake occasionally and keep reading blogs for recipes and tips.
    Few questions popped up in my mind like, where did you buy a springform pan from? and where to get cream with 35% fat? ('Amul fresh cream' says it has 25% fat) would home stored 'malai' do?

    Happy Baking!

  11. Vinita says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Thank you for your reply. Yes your reply and your blog does inspire me to be more organized. My email is vkhade@hotmail.com

  12. Eleanor Hoh says:

    Congrats Deeba on your BEAUTIFUL blog and photos! I so admire and respect all you've done. I'm terrible at baking but LOVE Indian food, not great at that either. Find it difficult to balance all the spices. I like the different flavors of Malaysian curries and Indian curries. Keep up the great blog.

  13. I'm agree with you blogging is therapeutic!
    Your blog is absolutely amazing.
    Love the photos and the positive energy in all your post.
    I'm so happy following you on twitter.
    Kind regards,

  14. Anonymous says:

    I love the way you photograph and present your food. It is as good as the pictures which you would find in a cooking magazine.

  15. Ishrath says:

    Lovely blog. Quite an effort.

    One question… do you really eat all that you bake? :)

  16. mathildescuisine says:

    Your blog is absolutely beautiful. The pictures are just amazing and just by looking at them, you feel the love and the passion for baking.
    I'm very impressed … and positively jealous! :-)

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey…thank u for the welcome & wonderful to be here. I want to read every post of ur sweet & cute blog but have just about entered the world of blogging when was gifted my very first own net book a month ago,never thought i'd be able to post pics in my blog before that but have a lot to catch up with shuttling between finishing schooling,experimenting in the kitchen & blogging…..
    & wana try a lot of ur recipes too.
    Love the way u have tweaked ur minima template….
    will cya again soon

  18. sugarplumfairy says:

    Hey…thank u for the welcome & wonderful to be here. I want to read every post of ur sweet & cute blog but have just about entered the world of blogging when was gifted my very first own net book a month ago,never thought i'd be able to post pics in my blog before that but have a lot to catch up with shuttling between finishing schooling,experimenting in the kitchen & blogging…..
    & wana try a lot of ur recipes too.
    Love the way u have tweaked ur minima template….
    will cya again soon

  19. Vanillastrawberryspringfields says:

    Hey…thank u for the welcome & wonderful to be here. I want to read every post of ur sweet & cute blog but have just about entered the world of blogging when was gifted my very first own net book a month ago,never thought i'd be able to post pics in my blog before that but have a lot to catch up with shuttling between finishing schooling,experimenting in the kitchen & blogging…..
    & wana try a lot of ur recipes too.
    Love the way u have tweaked ur minima template….
    will cya again soon

  20. shayma says:

    hi vindee, thank you so much for your comment on my blog. it's lovely to meet other foodies from our part of the world. i lack the precision required for baking- so dont really have any cake recipes of my own. i look forward to visiting your beautiful website for ideas and recipes. best wishes, shayma

  21. Anonymous says:

    hi deeba,
    you blog is very useful ,& absolutely beautiful m loving the way u present ur food ,after watching ur recipie m jus carzy aboutit .i have tried some of ur recipie too they r absolutely marvellous in taste ,,,,,i have request ,can u please teach me how to make a princess cake for birthdays ……..

  22. Julia says:

    Your blog is a great read and you have some fantastic photos. I especially enjoyed your post about Nanimo bars, I'm from Canada and those were one of my favorite treats as a kid!



  23. pratiksha says:

    Hi Deeba….I just happened to see ur blog and am truly amazed at the wonderful things u make!! Although I am not a very active baker…I just pick up recipe from TV shows…will surely try some of urs. If u could pls guide me where to find moulds/ tins/ cooking choclates somewhere in Gurgaon ..as we have just relocated to this place little while back!! Thanks a ton.

  24. Luciana says:

    Congratulation your receipes are wonderful…you very good…bye bye Luciana

  25. laura says:

    You are in New Delhi?! I spent four months in Southern India and two months in Nepal in my college days and I long to return! I am so excited I found your blog!

  26. Oohfood says:

    What an inspirational blog! So many delicious recipes, I wouldn't know where to start. I have my eye on the pistachio and olive oil brownies though..

  27. ArtSnark says:

    wonderful site & fantastic photos

  28. Anonymous says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Awesome blog… I love the way you present the dishes..it really shows your passion towards baking and cooking. I am very new to baking and think I am already in love with it.

    I have tried some of your recipes and they really came out fantastic although not as beautiful as you make them look.

    We being vegetarians, I suppliment the eggs with organic egg replacer and may be thats the reason they dont come out to be so fluffy and spongy.

    Request for some egg free baking recipes….plz..


  29. Hi,
    Just stumbled on your blog and am entralled. Am a foodie. believe that I love to cook, but am too scared to start a recepie. Have decided to try a few of your recepies.
    BTW, am planning on buying an over. Please suggest whether a normal OTG will do or do I need something better. And also what pans and dishes to buy as a starter kit.

    would love to share more.

  30. Mary Beth says:

    I just recently found your blog and I LOVE IT!!! You are an amazing blogger. I just wrapped up my last year teaching to become a SAHM myself. I really look forward to focusing on nurturing my family and I expect to visit your blog quite often to find recipes to do so.
    Thanks for sharing your talent and I might give some of these recipes a whirl myself.

  31. Kanchan says:

    Hi..great website! Could u tell me where can I find baking supplies..pans etc in gurgaon.

  32. Sanjeeta kk says:

    Beautiful presentation and crisp writing, which makes me come here often. Love all your posts. Best wishes.

  33. bird's eye view says:

    Hey Deeba,

    Congrats on getting your own platform at TOI!

  34. I Sicilian says:

    This morning I found you in my e mail box and I always check out the blogs who stumble into my life. I pleasantly walked through it and after about 30 minutes I could tell PassionateAboutBaking is one of the most professional , good looking and heart warming blogs I've seen. You are inspiring and a leader to follow. I am so happy to have you as a friend
    and to build a blog friendship with you. I'm following you by RSS feed don't want to miss any of your posts.
    By the way do you take your own pictures? they are fabulous!

  35. Jun Belen says:

    Lovely blog you have. Thank you for stopping by mine. Your passion in baking really shows. I'm definitely coming back here to get inspiration and recipes. Have a great weekend!

  36. Adelina says:

    your passion can be seen in your beautiful creations and also your photos- you put so much love in it! how can one go wrong? Excellent blog, will come here often!

  37. Vikram Karve says:

    Awesome mouthwatering pictures…delicious recipes…a wonderful blog…

  38. beautiful blog…..have been cooking & posting for some time now and now about to start baking…hope to do it successfully…am going to use ur recipes and hopefully they turn as nice as yours…cheers!!!!!
    Priya´s last blog post ..Bharva Baingan Stuffed EggplantsMy Profile

  39. Riddhi says:

    Hi Deeba,
    i just love ur blog and keep trying ur recipes…they are surely a Hit!!!
    thx for ur beautiful blog….

  40. I think it’s awesome that you’re doing all this even after how challenged we are inIndia to find quality baking stuff.
    Miss Stovetop´s last blog post ..Ratatouille SandwichMy Profile

  41. Love your blog & all the amazing recipes.
    That granola recipe will be a complete hit.
    Gr8 job :-)

  42. Gopika says:

    Woww.. awesome recipes and a very beautiful blog :) Similar to its author.. :)
    Do continue writing such fab recipes and help budding cooks like me :) Do visit my lil’ blog too
    Gopika´s last blog post ..Stuffed Chappathi RollMy Profile

  43. Hi Deeba!
    Thank you so much for all your help! You’re truly an inspiration :-)

  44. Hi Deeba,

    Oh my god absolutely lovely blog and based in India how perfect!

    Just starting to bake and the first stumble is when the book mentions allpurpose flour – what do we use – maida? any recommended brand that gives a good result? and how much is a stick of butter – says unsalted so i suppose amul wont do any others ahhh and thirdly chocolate i tried putting in regular eating chocolate and of course the result was disastrous!
    Would love a resource guide of ingredients where to buy things in Delhi so hopefully things turn out worth eating! Currently thats the first struggle and the family trying to ban me from baking as they have to try out all the things(thats the only word for it) that I bake!

    many thanks

  45. marcus says:

    You have a very nice blog and the recipes are amazing.I have a similar blog with recipes from around the world have a look.http://bakingtips.org

  46. Hi Deeba
    Congratulations!! You have an amazing blog. Just love your recipes, photos and PROPS. They are all so lovely.
    Just a beginner in blogging. But I am quite inspired by you.
    Will keep visiting and happy to follow you!
    Rinku Naveen´s last blog post ..Fruit CustardMy Profile

  47. Hey Deeba! Glad i found your blog through ‘Eat and Dust’!
    You have a wonderful blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!
    I have never been too much into baking but looking at your blog makes me want to change that!
    I am definitely going to try some of your recipes!!

  48. Inga Grusenmeyer says:

    Hi, i found your blog via google. it’s pretty great. i may come back again. thanks Hello! Appreciate the great write-up. Keep writing!

  49. “The challenge lies greatly in trying to try recipes with substitutes” ….
    Have you tried replacing eggs in any of the recipes… especially brownies and baked pies? I do not wish to use things like Ener-G Egg Replacer. Ingredients like yogurt etc that are commonly used in Indian kitchens is what I am looking for.

  50. Hi Deeba..hopped here from Anita’ s blog, it is indeed a pleasure to read about you…now that you have mentiond that u have written for TOI, I think I have come across your article…
    You really have an enviable collectibles, assuming u have sourced it from Delhi..

    Now coming to baking..that too in India is a challenge, first a good oven (pls reccomend me any), then sourcing the ingred, which itself a huge challenge and on top of it frequent power cuts..inspite of that u manged so well is rather an inspiration for us..
    I took baking only after moving to US, but once I go back to India,I dont know how I will manage the baking..do help me with choosing a good oven…
    and coming to photographs..its really good, Canon eos is a good camera, do we need to know the photography to handle a DSLR.

    Finally an awesome and inspirational blog, am glad that I found you

    Do visit my blog sometime if time permits…
    Sukanya´s last blog post ..hot and spicy chicken wings with barbecue sauceMy Profile

  51. bakery supplies says:

    I always visit your page and retrieve everything you post here but I never commented but today when I saw this post, I couldn’t stop myself from commenting here. Fantastic page.

  52. Hi Deeba,
    I just discovered your blog today and it looks like something my wife would love! Emailing her about it now. I’m not much of a baker myself… but I like to eat baked goods.
    Anthony@Swanson Vitamins´s last blog post ..Swanson Premium D-3 Passes ConsumerLab.com Independent TestingMy Profile

  53. Your blog was tweeted by a friend yesterday. Thought I’d check it out. Best decision ever.

  54. Mis-Teeq says:

    You got a very excellent web site, Glad I noticed it via yahoo.

  55. Great blog … came here from the FB post by BlogAdda.
    Looks great …
    Just curious … what breed is Coco?
    Madhu Nair´s last blog post ..Hornbill Festival 2011 – 10 Day Trip!My Profile

  56. Brant Krebbs says:

    Some really nice stuff on this website , I enjoy it.

  57. Malena Okeeffe says:

    Fantastic website. All posts have a process to learn. Your hard work is very good and i enjoy you and wanting for some more informative posts.

  58. Sheryl Sobilo says:

    Excellent blog. Plenty of helpful information here. I was looking for this.Thanks for sharing!

  59. Hi Deeba,

    I am a great fan of your blog and visit the same daily. Keep up the good work.



  60. kona coffee says:

    Hello! I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the great info you have here on this post. I will be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  61. Congratulations on possessing actually one among one of the vital subtle blogs Ive arrive across in some time! Its simply superb how much you’ll be able to take into account away from a thing mainly merely because of how visually beautiful it is. Youve place collectively an amazing weblog site area –great graphics, films, layout. This is actually a must-see website!

  62. Israel Kurschner says:

    This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

  63. HI! When I read the word Delhi, my interest in your blog suddenly grew by leaps! Your blog is picture perfect and beyond the best! Loved your awesome recipes. I guess I can take a lot of cues from your photographs coz though I can dish out decent food, photography is just not my cup of tea!! Glad to have stumbled on your blog :-)
    easyfoodsmith´s last blog post ..POM LIMEADEMy Profile

  64. Preena @ A Teaspoon Of Turmeric says:

    Loving your blog, it is very inspirational. The photos make you want to eat the screen! I’ll be looking at your blog to find the use of “alternative grains” in baking, which is far superior than white flour! Was going to ask you, what do you do with all your baking? I love to bake too, but don’t do it often because I end up eating way too many sweets then! You mentioned you use fruits in baking, which I love so I’ll be visiting your blog for fruit recipes too! Thank you and looking forward to reading more.

  65. Ankita Agrawal says:

    i m a student and i want to learn baking but i cant join any classes and in my city i cant get much ingrediant so plz help me with some basic recipes . waiting 4 a rpl

  66. Divya Bhaskar says:

    I like the way you described yourself and your work. I am too an avid food lover, but may not be as good as you. I like shopping for ingredients and I keep experimenting with variants and combinations. This is what keeps me busy. Love your posts.

    Divya Bhaskar

  67. I’m still learning from you, while I’m trying to achieve my goals. I definitely liked reading all that is posted on your site.Keep the posts coming. I enjoyed it!

  68. Sandhya Nagesh says:

    Love your blog..the passion comes shining through. I am an avid foodie..don’t like to eat out much..like to cook all meals myself from scratch..food ideas seem to float in and out of my mind on an ongoing basis..just the idea of cooking inspires me so much !!! My family isn’t complaing. Now I have turned to baking..just taking baby steps. Family is devouring eagerly..though I clearly see signs of distress at having to eat something sweet and sinful everyday. Pls tell me what you do with all that you bake..i just don’t wish to stop baking now..

    • LOL…Hi Sandhya. Looks like I have a clone! This is just how I began too, and then the family turned into one of dessert/cookie monsters! There is no reversing as they get spoilt forever. I am battling that now. The teen just asked ‘Whats for dessert?” and I rolled up my eyes, and she said “What? Nothing?”. Ho hum… I now try and make fruit based desserts, whole meal like oats or almond meal instead of plain flour, smaller individual portions, and alternate day desserts. They protest but it eventually gets home. I bake almost everyday or every alternate day, but blog twice a week, hence it might seem like too many desserts!

  69. Hi Deeba, I’m glad to find a passionate baker based in India. Here, in Canada I do a lot of baking but whenever I go home to India (Kanpur to be precise) I have a lot of trouble finding common ingredients that we use here such as cake flour or cream cheese, even high fat whipping cream. Sometimes it’s such a pain to find substitutes. Could you please let me know which brand of vanilla extract, unsalted butter and whipping cream do you use (that has atleast 35% milkfat) ? Also, is cream cheese available in India ?
    Sadaf´s last blog post ..Tomato Egg Drop SoupMy Profile

  70. Hi Deeba!

    I came across your blog thru Pinterest where I surf along looking for recipes I can try. I have noted a few recipes I will def try out but rest assured, will link back to you! :)

    I am quite taken in with baking sweet things and I bake almost everyday! :) Have enough young mouths that will finish them all off so no worries! Although the way I look, looks like I am binging on them myself! 😛 Tks for sharing info and recipes!
    Shobana´s last blog post ..Dash of Brown Humor!My Profile

  71. I stumbled across your blog when browsing baking blogs. I am 21, finishing off my law degree, am potty for baking and have recently started a little project of my own …


    I have incredibly similar mantra “bake don’t buy” … I just wanted to remark on how fab your photography and set up of your blog is. Great inspiration
    Charlotte´s last blog post ..Hot Cross BunsMy Profile

  72. Muchas gracias por entrar en mi blog y comentar, para mi todo un lujo. Soy seguidora tuya hace tiempo y me fascina lo que haces, me une a ti la pasion por la cocina y la fotografia. Creo que tus imagenes son simplemente estupendas. Espero tu libro pronto. Un saludo.
    Seguimos en contacto

  73. Rashmi says:

    Hi Deeba! I was looking for butter paper in south Delhi and chanced upon your website. And boy, am I glad. I really liked the content, especially, how you have give names of places to buy baking items. I believe that’s the biggest challenge once you get hold of a recipe. Where to source ingredients and vessels from. Thanks again!

  74. Meera says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Love your blog a lot :) i have developed this passion for baking as well since my marriage and now trying my hand at cakes..its so much fun and your blog is been of great help as well :)

    Had few queries with respect to the measurements. I have had flop shows with my cake whenever the measurements arent right. So when you say 1 cup how much does it equal to..i have seen few sites which say 1 cup flour is equal to 140gms n all…so just wanted to know if there is such a conversion list with you that i can refer when using your recipes..

    Looking forward to your inputs :)

  75. anees says:

    Dear Deeba,

    Incredible pictures, amazing back drops and that earthly connection is what all i can say about your blog. I have been a pastry and bakery chef for over 15 years in many hotels and i can see that there is a raw talent in what all you have done so far, very impressive. Wishing you all the luck and god bless

    • Anees, you made my day! Thanks a million for stopping by. You have no idea just how inspirational {and humbling at the same time} your words are. Pastry chef for 15 years? WOW! Where are you now?
      TY again!

      • Anees Khan says:

        Dear Deeba,

        I returned back to India a couple of years ago and since then have started a small patisserie and baking co. called “Star Anise Fine Foods”. We supply high end desserts and freshly baked breads to Haggen Dazs, Country of Origin, US Consulate, Woodside Inn Restaurants, Cafe By The Beach, Lakhani Caterers, Blue Sea banquets to name a few. Its been my whole hearted passion all these years for baking and i admire your passion and dedication towards the same. You have outdone many of us in this field and i am sure you will only get better. Please let me know if i could be on help to you

        Happy Baking, Good Luck & God Bless


        • Inspiring again! WOW! So happy you could realized your dream, and passion too. Love the name you chose. One day, I would LOVE to see how you run the patisserie. Am off to google it to see where you are based. You are too generous with your words. Thank you!
          BTW, was just reading Dorie Greenspans ‘Baking With Julia’ which a reader of my blog sent as a gift to me this afternoon … she said it was because I inspired home bakers in India to bake! Another cookbook, and a world of ideas tumble in again! What a beautiful occupation this must be for you!

        • Right gotcha…In Colaba, Mumbai! Can’t access the website though. Maybe it’s under construction.

  76. Sharanya says:


    You have an awesome blog with nice recipes :). First time in your space. I am following you :-)

    Thanks for your comments in my blog :)

    Sharans Samayalarai

  77. Hi Deeba,

    Awesome website. Got to know by chance.
    I just got an OTG so I am really excited to get into baking.
    What I wanted to know what where can get moulds, butter paper, baking parchment etc in Gurgaon.
    I stay in Sector 43. Appreciate your jelp.

  78. Hello Deeba,

    i badly need your advice :) I wanted to buy an Oven, so confused when i went to the shop,there are normal Electic ones,convectional ones( bit expensive than the normal) I googled and found out the difference but couldn’t decide what to buy.What do you suggest? what oven do you use? Would you turn on both top and bottom heat right from the beginning of baking?I would really appreciate your advice

    Thanks for your time

  79. Tanvi Arora says:

    Hi Deeba,

    Saw your blog post on baking in Delhi. I’m looking for FO’s fruit concentrate. Can you please help me with the possible places I could find it? Ideally in Gurgaon but Delhi wouldn’t be bad either.

    It’s for my baker cousin all the way in Calcutta.

    Thank you!

    • Hey there Tanvi,
      Tried Googling for what you needed as I’ve never used it {or heard of it} but with little luck! What would your cousin do with it? Is it like a topping for a tart, cheesecake etc?

  80. Love your blog, delicious recipes and beautiful pics. I have just started my blog a few weeks ago. Cooking is also my passion and love to share my recipes. Ciao, Paola

  81. namrata joon says:

    hi deeba

    can you recommend some books for cake baking and cake decorating , also have written you a mail would be really happy if you could answer few queries.



  82. tiki bedi says:

    Just happened accross your site and am SO impressed! I’m a kiwi girl who spent a long time in delhi trying to fathom how to bake in an indian kitchen and with the limited resources available. I certainly got creative on the ingredients, hunted high and low through mazes of markets, learnt how to use a microwave oven, and improvise in the creation of long time favourites that I so missed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  83. Oh what a beautiful blog you have Deeba! Hopped onto it from Sally of My Custard Pie’s #FF tweet tagging us all in. Have browsed through a few posts – and am at a loss – need to be doing this at a more relaxed mode. Great to see you doing what you are passionate about and doing that so beautifully:)
    IshitaUnblogged´s last blog post ..UAE National Day… Aam Pana | My Dubai My CityMy Profile

  84. Sabina says:

    Hi Deeba,
    I chanced upon your blog/ website while researching on a baking oven… and ended up finding a treasure trove!
    You mentioned that you use a murphy richards 40L oven is it the same as the OTG.
    I am looking for a plain’ ol/ simple baking oven (not the microwave cum oven kinds) – Any recos?

  85. Thanks a lot for Providing such a nice and necessary information. I like your posting because it is very useful and good content.
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  86. Deeba – great recipe. I made this tonight and it made for a hearty dinner with some cabernet.
    i used parsley instead of coriander and paprika instead of red chillies.
    A week ago, I had made hungarian goulash which came out very well. If you have not tried it, please do.
    Great website. I am adding to my favorites. I plan to cook something comfort maybe once in two weeks.
    If you have any goat stews which can be improvised to add flavors from wine, and also any different technique to marinade, please share.
    Keep up the good work!!
    – Rahul

  87. Sunandha says:

    Dear Deepa. I loved your website very much. I don’t know anything about baking but have developed a strong interest in baking cakes and cookies. I have a one year old child and feel that I should become expert in baking before he becomes big enough to enjoy relishing cakes.

    To start with could you please advise if I should buy an OTG oven or Can I use the latest microwave convection oven for baking. I read about the latter having similar features of an OTG and bakes cakes as well. I also read that the outcome may not be same as from an OTG. Your advise would be helpful.

    Best Regards,

  88. Sunandha says:

    Dear Deepa, I loved your website very much. I don’t know anything about baking but have developed a strong interest in baking cakes and cookies. I have a one year old child and feel that I should become expert in baking before he becomes big enough to enjoy relishing cakes.

    To start with could you please advise if I should buy an OTG oven or Can I use the latest microwave convection oven for baking. I read about the latter having similar features of an OTG and bakes cakes as well. I also read that the outcome may not be same as from an OTG. Your advise would be helpful.

    Best Regards,

  89. Wow…accidentally landed here, thx to my love and craving for baked food….will certainly try to bake some day as I dont feel very equipped with my current kitchen tools for baking :(….Would be great if u can point me to a simple baking recipe (preferable choc + cake combo) to start with :)

  90. Maria Laura Andrecencu says:

    You are a beautiful inspiration . Wish all the best !

  91. Neha raman says:

    Hi . I needed a little help with baking with egg replacer and was wondering if you could help me out a bit. Have you ever baked a cake or anything with it ?

  92. Absolutely lovely blog!

    Stunning pictures, amazing recipes and quotes and props and everything… Your passion for baking and use of vibrant Indian colours are truly commendable.

    Hope to meet you sometime…till then I’d be inspired by your blog :)

  93. You have an amazing blog!! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please collect it here.http://bandragirl.wordpress.com/2013/12/10/chocolate-cake-and-my-first-award/

  94. Oh wow….so glad i found you..through pinterest. love how you create and all your photos. will be a frequent visitor

  95. Hi Deeba,
    I head the marketing for an International brand of premium teas. Wish to connect with you. Had some business ideas to explore
    Debraj (+919903058030)

  96. Flooored totally ! Like AR Rehman is that ONE to me in music with the midas touch , you are the ONE to me in food photopraghy and its presentations !
    How did you ever get to know that your interest ” passion ” lies in baking ? How did you zero in on it when so many are busy ‘rabidly’ in rat races in this world ? Please do let me know that answer on priyankaanandap@gmail.com. Would be waiting ..

  97. Flooored totally ! Like AR Rehman is that ONE to me in music with the midas touch , you are the ONE to me in food photopraghy and its presentations !
    How did you ever get to know that your interest ” passion ” lies in baking ? How did you zero in on it when so many are busy ‘rabidly’ in rat races in this world ? Please do let me know that answer on priyankaanandap@gmail.com. Would be waiting ..

  98. So glad I found your blog, what amazing dishes and your photography is exceptional!!

  99. Rahmath says:

    This is one of THE most beautiful food blogs that I have seen – ever.

    *Still in awe*

  100. I am in love with this space already. Glad that I found you.

  101. Wow I’m glad something led me to your blog and you are just amazing. I know your blog will now be my constant companion for inspiration. Love it xx

  102. Deeba your blog is beautiful. Not only is it aesthetically appealing but I love how you make things from scratch. I myself am a make things from scratch girl so love your blog even more for that and then there is the common love for coffee and garlic. :) Its a delight to see your posts. Happy Baking.
    Manjari Chowdhury´s last blog post ..Basil Parmesan PestoMy Profile

  103. Hi deena

    I had a question. Do you use artificial lights or any other equipment of that sort for photography? Hoping to hear from you



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