Wholegrain Cinnamon Oat Waffles with Clove Ice Cream

Wholegrain Cinnamon Oat Waffles are the best treat for breakfast and for a snack, even doubling up as a quick delicious dessert. Pair them with clove ice cream and watch the flavours come alive on your palette! I keep a jar of ground oats on hand in the pantry. These waffles are the best ever!

Mascarpone Lime Curd Walnut Oat Tart

Beautiful, citrusy, zingy, clean, fresh,summery is how this tart turned out to be topped with mascarpone lime curd! A healthy biscuit base makes the Mascarpone Lime Curd Walnut Oat Tart even better. You can make cookies with the same dough, as also use different fillings to top the tart.

Genoa Fougasse

Genoa Fougasse turned out to be the best bread I've baked in a while. Sometimes you just need 'bread luxury', and this became that and much more. The difference here was the new level of deliciousness brought on by the addition of a gourmet spice blend, Genoa, from Sprig. It brought the flavours alive, went beautifully with the cheese and walnuts within, making it our new favourite bread at home.